Certain times

At certain times,i like to be a little more careful with what i wear,even if it's just to walk the mile between my house and my grandma's place. Usually, i go for the comfortable clothes that define my style,well what is supposed to be my style,as i love to dress in a variety of unimaginable ways. Yesterday, being a true Autumn day, with the hard rain,cold wind,and all the 'good' things that this season brings us, i decided to put on an outfit that i actually love to wear, combined with a pair of flats that i own for months now but only used for the very first time,well,yesterday.

I also made some pictures.Guess that lately i have not done enough photos, so i took a chance around the park, and made some nice,cute photos of the autumn feeling.

(it's a shoe thing...)

Well,guess this is all,by now. xoxo

3 comentários:

  1. yay you´ve got a blog! I´m following here too :) I follow you everywhere hehehe!

    I created a blog last month didn´t write anything on it o.O I need time so my inspiration can come out of its hiding place :|

    The photos are AMAZING! Specially the one of your face!


  2. Obrigado pelo follow! ;)
    Os sapatos são muito amorosos!**


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