We are almost there...


So, first things first.
Sorry for not coming around to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, i was imensly busy this past week and i still am, but i hope that all of you had a really great Christmas time. :)
Mine was fairly nice, i had a great time with family on both Eve and Christmas day, got a good amount of presents and i'm still waiting to get some more that could not arrive on the 25th.

This is a photo (very bad one but still) of our Christmas tree.
It was a little empty this year as mum did not want to cover it with fake snow as we did last year, because of my allergies and so. Anyway, it's a big, happy, colorful tree just the wya i like it. :)

So, how is everyone doing? New Year is just around the corner, only a few days left to end 2009!!! What are your plans for NYE and most of all for the new year???

I'll get back soon, probably today, with an update of the blogs i loved the most during 2009.♥

Take care!

P.S.: Edited my layout and sidebar, with new cute features. :D

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  1. I love the decorations on your tree! Nice and homespun looking :o) Glad you had a nice Christmas, have a great New Years sweetie!


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