7 things I love by Monday


I have been missing for the past couple days,i know,but i really had nothing to post about or at least nothing worth.
However, and knowing that i follow several blogs and many of them have similiar posts like this, every week with the same 'theme', i thought it could be a nice day to do one by myself.
This will be the first one, 7 things i love by Monday, where i show seven nice things i have loved by the past seven days. Not sure you get the concept, but i don't think it's too hard, so let's start.

Simple, with milk, with chocolate...yes,with chocolate!
Yes, i'm a coffee addict and i don't mind it, i love it! Coffee has no exciting effect on me, it does not take my sleepy mood away or anything like that. People say it's a good thing, but i wonder that if someday i need something to kick me through a night of projects and study, what will i have? Seems like i'll have to find a solution. Anyway, coffee will always be a big part of my life, a great warm lover...^^
(photo by me)

Zooey Claire Deschanel!
I love her, absolutely and with no doubt. She's brilliant, beautiful and fun. Her performance in (500) Days of Summer made me lover her more then ever. She's a stunning, fabulous actress and woman. I guess that the entire Deschanel family is made of EPIC win.
Black leggings or any kind of leggings.
Since i bought my latest pair i rediscovered my passion for leggings, how comfortable they are, how perfectly they fit. I could wear them day and night, everyday and never get tired of them. Practial, fashionable, acessible, what else can we ask for?
Alice in Wonderland inpired photos!
Ok, i do love Alice in Wonderland with a passion. The books, the Disney movie, the Tim Burton movie that is about to came out and i can't wait to see. In this way i think it's perfectly clear why i love Alice in Wonderland inspired photos so much...and the colors are quite perfect, ain't they?
Any doodles by Notebook Doodles.
Her posts make me smile, her doodles and nice quotes in a beautiful sweet handwritting make me feel all happy and warm inside, i feel like bliking and act silly like a child, cause they are always so sweet, yet so real and always fit the most different situations.
Kudos for this girl!!!!
(doodle by notebookdoodles)
Ice-cream during winter time!
I love ice-cream during the entire year, but for some reason i guess i like it better during Winter time. I know it may sound absurd for some of you, but i like the cold and soft of it during a winter rainy and cold day, at home or any my favourite shop downtown...
I have a basket filled with all different types of nailpolish but i never seem to get enough. Now i want to buy more and more, and get soe OPI and Chanel to my collection. After all a girl needs some luxuries at time,right?

(all photo,unless stated, were found on Tumblr and Google)

Guess this is all, at least for today. How are you guys doing?
Much love...♥

2 comentários:

  1. hey I love all of these things too :D
    coffee does nothing to me too. I might drink lots of it I'll still sleep like a rock.

  2. aaw that's so sweet of you :p
    and yes to leggings and nailpolish and coffee!!


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