7 things I love by Monday


I have not been posting much lately, mostly due to some lack of time, but as I promised myself i'm back for my Monday 'thing'. So, here I am with the second week of 7 things i love by Monday.

Good quotes with nice images (or not).
I love quotes,quotation,words that make me smile or think about
life. From books,musics,proverbs,quotes out of the blue,it doesn't matter,
if i love it once i will love it forever.

(image by me)

My mum's birthday cake!
It looks like a pink giant mess, but i did it myself with loads of love and
it tasted as good as i could wish.
Mother loved it and that's the most important.

(image by me)

I'm a sucker for Star Wars,but c'mon we gotta be honest, it's from far
one of the greatest movies EVER made!!!!
This project is simply amazing and fun, you should see it,even if you are not a SW fan.

Vampire Diaries!!!!
It hurts just to think about the 6 weeks hiatus, but i'll probably rewatch every single episode.
This last episode was quite amazing, i came to the conclusion i was right about some ideas, which ones i won't talk about because i would be spoiling some of you.
By the end i just wanted to hug both Damon and Bonnie, but Damon mostly. (of course)

Flash Mob!!!
Not the greatest one ever, but it was amazing to record a video and meet four of the hosts of
my favourite national tv show. They were so kind and talked with all the fans!!
A great afternoon,i must admit!!
I'm the one of the first line,middle,with the red barret,and my brother by my side.

(note,the photo above is from the 1996 tv show,the one i own)
This series,both books and TV,which i totally own, is just amazing.
My late childhood was all about
seeing episode of the The Famous Five everyday with my brother,over and over again!!

Old cameras!
The older the better. I own a few,not much,some 4 or so,and i love them all.
I believe i still have some around the loads of stuff in the garage and i'll probably find them someday.

(image by me)

All for today!!! Who knows if i don't get back tomorrow? ^^

2 comentários:

  1. Ahhhh vcs estavam formando palavras no flash mob? O lugar é lindo! Um tanto de prédios antigos :)

    Depois que eu vi esse bolo no domingo eu fiquei com desejo de comer bolo tbm!

  2. Estavamos a formar um '5' humano,já que o programa se cham '5 para a meia noite'. É a avenida principal da baixa do Porto.Eu amo aquele lugar.^^

    Ainda tenho bolo.xD


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