7 things I love by Monday

Most of the times i have loads of things to say,my mind gets filled with thoughts and things i could come out with around my blog, but then i get to my laptop, upon up a new post page and i get blank, just like that, this is the reason why i spent some many days, again, without posting.
By now i come with my usual, ok, third week only,but still, 7 things i love by Monday, and maybe then i can write something else, like tomorrow or so.
However, let's not keep high hopes on this one, as i'll have a full week.

Danny 'freaking awesome' Elfman
You may know this man from making such soundtracks as 'The Simpsons', 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Corpse Bride' and 'The Nightmare before Christmas' between many other magnificent works.
He was one of the most brilliant composers ever,if you don't know his work then you trully don't know what you are missing. This is one of those guys who is a regular partner in the amazing Tim Burton movies, making the most genius soundtracks one can hear!

The amazing DIY by Elsie Flannigan at A Beautiful Mess.
I have been following her blod for like an year now and i can't stop to get amazed by her work and her sweet life. I mentioned her before in this blog,but if you haven't yet get to see her blog go now because you will surely love it as much as i do.

McDonald's Sundae.
I have various ones during the last week and damn they are good,not the best icecreams ever but good.I love to eat icecream during winter time, and pretty much always ask for my sundaes with chocolate and caramel,like a double...yum,i have a sweet tooth!

My new nailpolish by Essence.
It's an european mark of make-up, they have gorgeous nailpolishes,their products are not tested in animals of any form, and most of all it's like...cheap, it really is.Good products for an incredible resonable price.
The site here.

Cold pie!!!
I love my mum's cold pie. It has a cookie base and then it has a solid soft,almost like jello (because it has jello) filling with any taste you want.Strawberry and Pineapple/Passion Fruit aremy favourite ones.It's an easy,quick dessert and it makes wonders to your mouth.

Tekken 5!!!
We go from girly girl things, to super cool boy style ones! I recently re-discovered my passion for Tekken,it has always been one of my favourite PS games, and last week while having my cousin around we decided to play and, well, you know the rest...i'm a little addicted again.

Remember Me and Alice in Wonderland!
These two movies are coming to Portugal in the first weeks of March and i really can't wait to see them.
Alice, because i'm a die hard Tim Burton,Johnny Depp,Alan Rickman Helena Bonham Carter fan, not to mention that Lewis Carroll with Alice's Tales have been so far some of my favourite ever books!!
Remember Me because i really like Robert Pattinson,i love to see this boy out of the Twilight world proving that he really is a great actor, and also because i read the script of this movie and it's amazing,i cried like a baby for like two hours, but i won't reveal spoilers.

That's all folks!

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  1. I just rediscovered my sister's PS too... can't wait to go back home and beat yet another game!

    And YAY for Robert sans Edward, that boy was a waste in a movie like Twilight. :O


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