Carnival was celebrated today,at least over here in Portugal. I have to confess that this is from far one of my favourite holidays, mostly because i can dress up as whoever i want to be and people won't look at me sideways or call me freak, so i trully love it!!!

As usual i went downtown, to the main avenue to celebrate, but this year it was a little boring, the weather was being horrible and scary so most people stood in and did not came out to the streets. Mother was not in Carnival mood as she always is,because of the recent family tragedy,but at least i had my fair share of fun. That's important.

50's me, yes,i love to dress up in 50's mood. It makes me feel all happy and what not. Last year i was a Pin-Up, this year was going to be Mad Hatter (the Tim Burton version) but i was lacking some accessories that i could not find, so i ended up with this!

My brother. He went as some kind of executive, even knowing he was with jeans and sneakers. Yeah, he's so cool he doesn't own any kind of suit, so the jacket and tie belongs to my dad.

A close-up. My face looks horribly wide for some reason.

The all kind of adorable kids around town. Damn,at that pointed i wished for a sister so i could pull the cuttest things on her. The prettiest girl was a three or four years old dresses as vampire queen,she was so cute!!!

You can't really see it,but that guy was riding a reallyyyyy tall bike. Like 2 meters or more tall. It was funny seeing him go amoung the crowd.

The carousels where all over and people were going like crazy. Mother asked me if i wanted to go, but i did not felt like waiting in line. Yes,i get bored easily.

A little peek on my day,not bad,ah?

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  1. Carnival there seems really fun :) You looked awesome and so did your brother!

    I've never seen so many ppl wanting to ride on a carousel :O


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