Microwave Chocolate Cake


I'm back,again! As i said to blog more and i could not find something i could write about today, then i decided to post a recipe. Good idea,ah?

I did this today, first because i was craving something sweet and second...i don't think there's a second.

This one you see here (in a what looks like a bad quality image,you can always click to see the large size) is a microwave chocolate cake. Yes,you heard it right, microwave chocolate cake!
It takes some 10 minutes to be done and ready to eat, and i promise that you should do it fast, because it's incredibly good and second because it starts getting a little dry if you leave it for too long, but this has an easy solution, which is cover it with chocolate sauce. Clever,right?

So,here is the recipe of the Microwave Chocolate Cake:

-3 eggs
-3 table spoons of vegetable oil
-3 table spoons of milk
-150gr of sugat
-25gr of chocolate powder
-125gr of flour
-chocolate chips (optional)

In a bowl combine the wet ingredients, eggs,milk and oil. Mix everything very well.
Then add the dry ingredients, mixing them into the wet mix.
(or you can do like i did and throw everything into a bowl and mix).

Take a cake mould, or any other container that can go to the microowaves (as glass or plastic,but never metal,you don't want to have an explosion in your kitchen). Grease it with vegetable oil (or spray it,if you have vegetable oil spray) and pour the batter to the container.

Put it in the microwaves, for 2/3 minutes in the maximum power, and let it bake.
You shall be aware and see the baking as it goes, it time it takes to bake my be different from microwaves to microwaves.

And voilá,you will have a quick cake to serve!!!

p.s.:image belongs to me

2 comentários:

  1. I need to stop being lazy and cook something this week that I have the kitchen all to myself.

    This looks perfect :D

  2. yum yum :) i think i've made this before.

    ps. thank you for the kind comment. i really appareciate it!


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