A very full week


This past week was quite a full one.I had loads of things to do,various invitations to go off,it was almost as suddenly everyone remembered i exist.
Friday was with no doubt the best day! I went out early in the morning to open up my back account, and then left to Porto where i meet Rafa and Lu, to celebrate Rafa's birthday.
We went for lunch,then with Lu's car we went down to Serralves,a fantastic museum and park/garden.We also have to thank god that it didn't rain during all day,and the sun decided to shine for us during most of the times so we could make some pretty pictures. It was quite the perfect afternoon.

Lu in pink, me in hearts and black flats and Rafa in her awesome boots.

Lu and her pretty legs.

Rafa's fantastic 'white rabbit' style clock.

Rafa,the birthday girl,and me and my blue dress.

The view in front of the 20's house,and Lu inside. The house has so much light,so much space.In our head,the 3 of us are getting this place and turning it into our new place.We already chose the rooms and all.

The dinning room view. <3 div="">

Me and Lu.

Our pretties bathroom.

Just when i passed the photos to the computer i noticed that i catched an ant in the picture.

I like how Rafa looks in the middle of the two trees.It kind of looks Tim Burton style.

Our English garden style lake.

This was just like half of the garden/park, there's still a lot more,and the modern/contemporary art museum.

Oh and then i got home with dad around 6.30,slept for a while and my friend Jana came from work at 1am to take me out with her and some friends.We ended up in this really pretty bar,where we had tea and laughter, then we came at some 3.30 and stopped to eat a delicious hot dog.

Tomorrow i'll be back with the 7 things!!!

5 comentários:

  1. Super ultra mega pretty post!
    The photos are brilliant! You're very talented :D

  2. Oh,Lely!!! Thanks so much. *blush*
    By now i just wish of a really good camera to work with. ^^

  3. omg you have that watch? i want one ahah so beatiful

  4. @notebookdoodles: Thanks so much!!!

    @Denise: It actually belonds to my friend Rafa.She bought it in a fair.


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