7 things I love by Monday

I'm late,i'm late,i'm late!!!

For what? A brand new 7 things I love by Monday!!!!

1. Almost Alice OST
This is one amazing mix of great songs.I really can't wait for this movie.Thursday!!!! Thursday i'm going to see it,no matter what happens! Somehow i still hope for a Danny Elfman original score for the movie.

I can't wait for Spring to come! I love winter,but Spring really is my time,and i'm tired of the rain and the horrible winter that just brings damages and all.Spring,get here fast!!!

(photo by me)

I collect them,or so my dad says,but i can't resist.They are pretty and they serve for so many different things,i can't really help myself.

(photo by me)

4. Chocolate Milk
Hot most of the times,as we are still on winter.I drink milk as it's a duty or something,and i love it.I can only drink milk with chocolate or coffee,because plain milk makes me sick,only the smell of it does.

Museum and Park/Garden/House of Serralves. It's from far one of my favourite places in the whole town. Perfect for brilliant photos, long walks alone or with friends, culture and great things.

(photo by me)

6. Navy Inspired Fashion
Last year when i knew that this would be a tendence for 2010 i scream with happiness. I always loved the navy style.Red,blues,whites,stripes!!! One of my very first outfits as a baby was a navy style dress with matching hat,i just wish i had a big size of it now,because it's beautiful

7. Kiwis
The only thought of it makes my tongue twist,but when they are on the right time and sweet i can eat loads of kiwis. I'm a very fruit person, and i really like kiwis!

xoxo. Joana

3 comentários:

  1. yes to all your 7 things :)
    i just realized, we have similar layouts!

  2. I just loved your post seriously:) thank you so much for visiting my blog by the way!!!!:)

  3. @notebookdoodles: Yes!! :D
    Do we? Awwww!!! I like that,because i love your blog.I like the simplicity.

    @Denise: Thanks so much!! My whole pleasure.^^


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