7 things I love by Monday

It's that time of the week!!!
Yes,yes,yes! 7 new things i love by Monday!!!

Not all in the cinema,but at home,wrapped in a warm pj and
blanket in your bed or in your sofa watching a movie or making a tv marathon.

Alice in Wonderland
Here i go again! I don't think i need to stay much more,do I?

(screencapture from trailer by me)
Fleece Blanket
I love to have a fleece blanket around in this cold days. When i'm sitting in the sofa
with the laptop in my legs and i need something to keep me warm,i just wrap myself in this pretty one.

(photo by me)
Flowers because they remind me of how close Spring is. 13 days for Spring to arrive!
13 days for nice pleasant days, less rain, less cold and my favourite season.

(photo by me)
Star Wars
Nerd at heart,remember? Sitting on a late night with the popcorns and
the blanket and watch it!!! Oh yes,please!

Stawberry Pencils
I love pencils, the eating ones in this case. I usually get them in a little shop near school,
they have a lot more flavours, but strawberry ones will always be my favourites.

Elie Saab
S/S 2010. I love Elie Saab ever since i remember to be into fashion,
and this season has the most beautiful dresses,don't you think? How i wish to live in one of this
ones for at least a day. I would be a happy happy woman!

4 comentários:

  1. Last time I ate popcorn was on January o.O weird!
    That pic of you with the blanket is so pretty!

    I looked for these 'strawberries pencils' here but couldnt find it. I see ppl eating it on internet, TV and films and was curious about the taste of it. I think I wouldn't want to eat it cause it's too pretty! hehehe!

  2. My last time with popcorns was...Saturday night. :D

    Next time i mail you i will send you some,they don't get wasted easily,so. ^^

  3. oh how i love the original star wars trilogy...happy that my nephews are obsessed with it so i get to watch it with them when i visit!

  4. My dad turned me to be a fan of Star Wars,or at least he introduced me to it and now Star Wars is part of my life,since i can remember.^^
    Happy that you can do it with your nephews,it must be so great!


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