7 things I love by Monday

New week,new 7 things!!!
And, Spring start on Sunday!!! Hooray!!!

Alice Inspired Photos
This is just the little tip from a batch of Alice inspired photos
i did on Sunday,after grabbing some tea and cake and looking at a lonely pile of cards
somewhere in my living room. Took advantage of the sun and my good mood and voilá.

(photo by me)

How I Met Your Mother
I have been seing this show for quite long now and i guess it will
never stop to surprise me and amuse me.It's such a great comedy tv show.
If you don't know it, go and watch it because you won't regret it, and Neil
Patrick Harris is just awe...wait for it...some!!!

She & Him - Volume Two
First we all know i adore Zooey Deschanel,second her voice is amazing,
and ever since i got my hands on this record today i can't stop listening to it
Smooth happy songs that make you calm and feel all content.

Old Family Photos
Ain't they the best? This one is from the middle 60's. My mother
in the center and my two aunts with her. She's the oldest.
God,weren't they pretty? And those dresses? Grandmother
used to do them for her girls,she even made some really adorable
things for me when i was born (may she rest in peace).
Venezuela,middle 60's.

(photo by me,well not me,but it's mine)

Taking flower photos
Just because Spring is peacking and those amazing flowers are blooming
all over the place!

(photo by me)

H&M Blues Collection
Ever since a few years ago,i have been in love with H&M, i love to buy my
clothes in there,because it's great fashion at resonable prices and their
collections are always filled with the most amazing things.
Blue is also my favourite color, so this is more then enough reasons
for this one being one of the things i love.

Olivia Wilde
She is my number one girl crush. Jebus,this woman is amazing.
Stunning beauty,amazing acting skills, i don't know what else.
It's one of those peole who just wants to stare at for no reason. I love her!

That's all,folks!!!

3 comentários:

  1. We start fall on Sunday :) I love fall!

    I loved the songs and the cover of Volume Two :)

    Our mums and aunts used to dress up in a similar way :D Grandma used to make their clothes as well and they always looked like little princesses hehehe!

    You're so talented! You get amazing shots with an ordinary camera! This flower pic is amazing :)

    I don't know much of Olivia's work but she is really pretty! There are a lot of pretty ppl but she looks natural and not artificial like Megan Fox, Fergie, Nicole blablabla (from pussycat dolls hehehe! i can't spell her last name!) and so many others we see around.

  2. We start Spring!!! I love it!!! ♥

    Me too!! Can't stop listening to it.Right now i only listen to She&Him,Danny Elfman,David Fonseca and some Laura Marling.:D

    Well,your aunts and mum lived not so far from my aunts and mum,neighboor countries.:D

    Oh,hun,you are so sweet!!! *blushes*

    I have not seen too much of her work,but she trully is natural and so pretty.=D

  3. ohh pareces mesmo ser uma miúda muito querida!
    tens bom gosto :)




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