7 things I love by Monday

One more week without posts,i should be ashamed of myself,i know.
I'm sorry.Spring break starts on Friday and i promise something good by then,ok?

1. The arrival of Spring
Spring started on Sunday,and in the days before it has been raining like none stop and i trully believed that the first Spring day would start that way,but surprisingly the sun showed up,it was warm and beautiful!!! It was a happy,happy Sunday.

(photo by me)

02. Remember Me
Going out on a rainy Saturday afternoon with my male best friend who i had not seen for months to see this amazing movie. Don't judge a book by the cover,you must have heard,so don't start judging just because of Robert Pattinson.The guy is an amazing talented actor,he can't show what he trully is in Twilight,but in this movie,you can't miss it.It's beautiful,touching,everything you can want it to be.Perfect!

03. Alice In Wonderland Score by Danny Elfman
After almost 3 weeks of search i finally found the Alice in Wonderland Score by Danny Elfman.I don't think i have to say much more then this. Brilliant!!!

04. Strawberries
It's there time to show up,and they are my favourite fruit.I don't think i could ever life without them.They are amazing in every possible way.Taste,color,look..pretty,pretty,pretty!

05.Supernatural and Vampires Diares
They are back!! This Thursday night this two shows that own my life are back.Oh thank you CW God!!!

06. Walks out in the sun
With my dog,or without him too.They are just perfect in this season,right?

(photo by me)

07.União Zoolófila
(or any institution that protects and takes cares of animals that lost their homes)
This is the kind of things that make me both happy and sad.Sad because i wish this would not happen,people should love their animals and the ones who want an animal should not pay hundreds for them where there are so many free love in each pair of sweet eyes you see in this places.Happy because there are always great people ready to get this animals,take care of them when no-one else cares,the way this little friends look at you,with love and kindness even if you are there just to rub their ears. =')
I wish i could take them all.

This is all folks.Tell me the news!!!

2 comentários:

  1. My words are the same in realtion to nº 7. Love animals and would like to bring them all home, if only I had the space and money.

  2. Essa mala é da Primark? Tenho uma igual! :D

    Esse cão é teu? Tão amoroso! =)


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