Burton in Wonderland

I know that the movie only open in the US today,however for us,in Portugal,it came out a day earlier, which was a great surprise,because it's something that rarely or never happens.

Of course as a good Burton and Alice fan i went to see it straight away,i had to. Now, i'm here with a review.

I have been reading the most different things around, the the worst and best reviews from this movie. I gotta be honest,this is not a children movie or something that everyone will appreciate, it's a Tim Burton movie,not something hugely comercial and you have to pay attention to all the details to get the best out of this film, so i understand that not all reviews talk wonders of this movie.

In my opinion, this is a great movie, i loved it, the scenarios and clothing design are two of the greatest things about the entire thing. The special effects are good,not something from the other world but we have to understand that this is something that is very like Burton, he doesn't go for effects as the ones you see in Avatar, this ones are much more dream like, you have to use your head and recall your craziest dreams to appreciate the kind of effects that are used.

One thing that make me love this movie and its something not so usual in most of his films, is the very light side of Wonderland. Of course i know the man go for extremes, but it was good to see so much white, light but still magnificent. Some parts from the movie, on the 'white side' of Wonderland reminded me of the Rivendell in Lord of the Rings.

All actors had an amazing performance, but i trully did not liked the White Queen characters. Nothing against Anne Hathaway,i have followed her work ever since The Princess Diaries and she really is a fantastic perfomer, however this character seemed so fake. Maybe you will disagree but this is my opinion.

The 'dark side' of Wonderland, the Red Queen's side is also fantastic, quite dark and it keeps having some very good resembles with LOTR at some points.

The characterization of the most real characters was extraordinary, as The Red Queen and Mad Hater , those two were fantastic and very funny.

The little friends were very well designed, realistic on their own way, and i got quite surprised on how funny they were, i think that in this movie i laughed more then in most Tim Burton movies,which is something nice.

Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit and Alan Rickman as the Blue Caterpillar were quite amusing. I loved Alan's voice and i want that pretty White Rabbit to be my new pet.

I had no idea that Matt Lucas was playing a role on the movie. I am a huge Little Britain fan so when i saw Tweedledee and Tweedledum i was so surprised and grinned like an idiot. Those twins are much adorable in this movie then the ones in the Disney version.

Alice fashion through the movie was amazing,i found no photos to share but you will love to see it,or maybe not.I like the excentric things she wears but still pretty and girly.

There are some details are you will notice to be extremely Tim Burton,like the floors,some architecture and so on, this is the kind of things that we can always expect from him.

The Chesire Cat was indeed not as scary as i thought it would be,he became much more nice and adorable through the movie,but still mad as one can be.

Now comes the good part, the Hatter...ok,Johnny Depp.

The outfit was great and so was the make-up.I like the eye lens they used,they were scary sometimes,but after all his the Mad Hatter. The way he talks his funny,you may understand why if you have seen the trailer but you will love it much more if you go see the movie. He makes you laugh and want to cry, he is along Alice one of the main characters of this movie,and as usual Depp exceeded my hopes and did a brilliant job,the man trully is a chameleon.

Seriously? Could he get any more adorable?

You are late,late,late to go see this movie!!!! So...OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!!

Images were cortesy of IMDB and some others were screencaps i created myself from the first teaser trailer.

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  1. Estas imagens ainda me inspiram mais e fazem me querer que chegue amanhã! :D


  2. Ooh hello! A HUGE thank you for commenting, ooh I love your blog! This review is AMAZING, I feel like I've got such a good knowledge of it after reading your descriptions! I can't wait to see it.

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    Have a beautiful week xoxo

  3. did not read the review because i´ll be watching it tomorrow! ;) the pictures look good though so i am pretty excited!



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