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I didn't post yesterday as i planned because the subject i was going to post about,well,i still want to talk about it but i still need to do a little more 'research' as my physical/self research is not going as awesome as i would like,so i will have to look some more for it.

Anyway,new shoes! They are from Blanco and i seriously love them.Fresh,summer,pink and that vintage vibe that i have been very in love with.
Right now i really want to get back to the store and get everything i can,because all products (except from new collection) are with 50% off and that gives us some great buying oppurtunities. Unffortunately i am broke,summer broke,as in completely,and i really can't go around my bank account money,as i'm saving it for better purposes then obsessive and compulsive shopping sprees. Lol.

Tell me something,because i'm running out of subject...sort of.


♥ photo by me

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  1. I so need to try my hand at the Blanco sales, see if they still have the polka dot trench from the Spring collection. I want, no, I NEED a polka dot trench in my life. It's probably the only thing on the planet that'd be able to out-obnoxious my yellow one. <3

    And I love your flats, darling. Wish I was a flat girl myself, so I could wear pretty things like those. But no, my feet like the extreme coziness of hi tops and boots!


  2. You have to go there,and be aware of the crazy women and huge lines to pay.xD I wish i had more money,they had so many prettyness in their shelves and hangers!!!
    The yellow trench rocks!!!

    I wish i could use more heels,but my stupid damages spine won't let me...=(


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