Summer Time

So,hello to all of you who are still around!

I know it has been two months since my last post,in which i promised to stop procrastinating,but real life caught me busy, then came finals time,which are over since Wednesday.
Finally i have vacations,free time,summer time,which gives me a lot more oppurtunities to come around and update properly. This time i won't promise to do posts,or anything,we'll just see how it rolls,and hope i can do it more often.

So,as i said finals times are over,and now i'm just waiting to get my resulsts so i can apply to enter college in this upcoming Fall. I'll be a freshman, a 20 years old freshman, excited to start something new. =)

Anyway,i have a new layout,i was trying to modify the old one,i screw everything up so i started with something different and fresh. It still needs a couple more touches,need to add a few more things and then i believe i'll be satisfied.
Btw,i got the new stylesheet/theme from Gisele Jaquenod.

The only thing i promise right now,is to be back soon,possibly today,cause i do have something to post,but i just don't want to fill up this one post too much.
I'm going with smaller stuff from now on,so it gets easier to update. =)


♥ image by me

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  2. I found your blog during this two months and I was like "will she post again?" This blog is adorable and your photos are lo-ve-ly. Glad you're back (:

  3. OMG,dear,now i feel so bad. *blushes* I'm so happy to be back and thanks so,so,so much!!! <333


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