It's nails time!


So,i come with something i wanted to talk with you for a while,and it's nail stamping.
Some of you may have alrady heard about this,for others this may be a whole new term,but it's actually nothing scary or barbaric,it's actually something quit easy to do and it gives your nails a whole new level of beauty and fun,as long as you have the right tools to work with.

If you google it,the first name that will show off is Konad,they have the best and biggest variety of plates that are used to stamping,however,as they are not so easy to find in Portugal i came to find a much cheaper and still equally good solution in the Essence Nail Stamping Kit. Essence products are sold in the pharmacies of Continente and they are an European brand of make-up that's actually quite ship and has a very good quality. I got my Nail Stamping Kit for less then 4€,and it comes with the stamper, a scraper and a plate with some different images.
However i find that Essence lacks on variety when it comes to extra plates,which you can buy separately, so i'll be trying to buy myself some Konad plates around the internet or so,i have been seeing quite a few images i would like to try.

Below is an easy tutorial i found around YouTube and that can easily help you to understand better of what i'm talking about. =D

One thing i make different from the girl in the video,is that i don't use the q-tips, instead I wait 'til the end and clean the excess with a nail polish corrector pencil. I got this one, also from Essence, and it coasted me 3€,including 3 tips to subsitute.It's acetone free and has a slight cherry odor.

I hope you found this little tip of beauty helpful,i surely found my nails to be a lot more fun when i started using this method,instead of using plain colors only!


♥photo by me

P.S.: I'll get back around,later or tomorrow to talk with you about something i'm planning to do soon. Also,thanks so much for the amount of comments i got in my last post and the new followers,you guys got me overwhelmed and feeling so great!!!

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  1. I so need to try that out... I love nail art!
    Although I'd really really love those huge Japanese-style nails with plushies, fruits, blah blah blah... they're completely useless, but so pretty! <3

    Also, I'm happy for you and you followers, you deserve the hype, girl! :D

  2. =DDD We could get together and do a nails session one of this days. xD I need more plates though.
    I know how to do the fruits things,but i don't have the stuff need to do them.Lol.

    Oh,hun. *hugs* The thing i'm preparing,will surely bring you some more followers too.=D

  3. Hey, want plates? I'll ask my manicure lady, she's ukrainian and awesome and brings me cheap stuff from those beautyu fairs! :D

    And now you're scaring me. Oh God. Unnamed plans get me all worked up. *hides*

  4. REALLY??? And you have a manicure lady? Awesome!!!! =D

    Don't be scared,it's something awesome!

  5. I can't do nails to save my life, really. Everytime I'm carrying amazing nail polish (apple green, ring a bell?), it's her doing. ;)

  6. xDDD That's amazing. I can't afford the luxury,cause i change nailpolishes to often,i can't pay like 5€ every 3 or 4 days.Lol.

  7. A minha esteticista faz-me sempre esses "carimbos"! xD Até a minha mãe gostou!
    Temos de combinar um dia e tens que me levar onde há essas coisas da Essence, quero esses carimbos e o raio do verniz que parti e ainda não comprei! xD

  8. =DDD Tenho de ver se a minha esteticista tb tem carimbos,assim até lá vou.
    Qualquer parafarmácia do Continente,mas vou contigo com todo o gosto. ^^

  9. Ohh I definitely have to look for those. I new about the Konad ones, but I had no idea they sold that stuff in Portugal. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Se estiveres interessesada, este site é o revendedor oficial da Konad em Portugal.Acho que vou mandar vir algumas placas de lá.
    You're welcome.=D

  11. i didnt see the follower box on your page , but i am follwing

  12. Thanks so much!
    I just added it. Thanks! ^^

  13. I searched for this technique when I made a post about decorated nails in my blog. I found nothing even similar to buy here in Brazil :/ I found a site that ships Konad stuff but it didn't have THE cool stamps.

    The flowers on your nails look so delicate!!!

  14. That sucks and it's weird knowing you guys have so many variety when it comes to nailpolishes. *hugs*
    Well,i'll see how much it weights,and how much it coasts to be shipped,maybe once i get some money i can gift you a little set,they are not that expensive after all.^^

  15. it looks lovely <3


  16. I'd never heard of this, it's a great idea. I just managed to grow out my nails and I'm having lots of fun painting them in loads of different ways.


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