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Red and Blue Stripes over White Two Pieces Swimwear - Modalfa (i think)
Turtle Frame Brown Shades -
Basic White Tank Top - Modalfa
Black Belt - C&A
Red and White Striped Skirt - Primark
Flip Flops - Nike

Well,beach photos and outfit,because that's where i spent today's afternoon. =)

Summer time means this,the good hours of sitting out in the beach,under the sun,swimming (when possible) and having fun,as it happened today.
Right now i have a tan,a weird one and that i strongly deslike because my skin is all sorts of,well, spotted.I have stains over my skin,even with scrubs and +50 SPF and i don't like it that much,but i guess i will have to live with it.

In one other note.I have been busy,and when i mean busy i mean i had to cancel going out with my best friend twice this weak because i'm either super tired or i have a lot of things to do,or even i feel sick (headaches,ear aches and such) and i really don't like it. A while back i would rant about not having a 'real life' now i rant because my real life doesn't leave me a spare moment to go out with him.

College applications started on Tuesday and i might go to apply to my main choices tomorrow,but it all depends on how long my grandfather's optical surgery will take,as i need my mother to come with me to make the application. I'm 20,but still i may need something and i better have a mum in hand,right? Lol.

If you haven't seen it,please so and vote and comment on my giveaway idea,i would love to hear what you have to say.Also taking the oppurtunity to thank all of you who voted and commented, it really gave a general idea of what i'm getting in my giveaway and also thanks to everyone who has been joining! =D
Keep spreading the word,cause as faster we reach the 50 followers,the sooner the giveaway will come (even after the 50 followers,possibly,as i stated).


♥ all photo by me

26 comentários:

  1. estas fotografias são tão verão. e acho a tua saia um mimo (:

  2. don't worry about the blotchy tan... i don't tan at all! your red stripy skirt is gorgeous :) your blog is very good and you dress extremely stylishly so i have no doubt that you will gain followers faster than ever.
    x x x

  3. Hope everything cools down for you!

    Love the way you matched the clothes (: I can't wait for it to be summer on my side too!

  4. Estavas muito gira e gostei especialmente da quinta foto que tem uma visão bem gira. A última também está muito gira (aliás, estão todas). Aquela igreja não fica inundada metade dos dias?

  5. Adorei este teu style diary!! vou passar a ser leitora assidua!!

    espreita o meu fashion blog e o meu style diary:


  6. Aquela igreja/capela/whatever é a coisa mais bonita que alguma vez vi e quero ir lá ASAP. Que praia é essa, m'darling? :D

    Adoro o outfit, by the way!

  7. @Cat
    =D Obrigada!

    I think i'll try the milk treatment to see if it gets less noticible.
    Thanks so much!! *blushes* ♥

    Thanks so much! Today i'm as red as a lobster in my arms and chest,and it burns to the touch.First time i get a sunburnt as bad as this.
    I'm sure you'll have a fantastic summer time.=D You are in winter? We could trade for a while,i love winter.

    @Ana Nunes
    Oh,obrigada Ana!!! ^^
    Não sei,é muitissimo raro lá ir ao passar lá perto.Mas acho que sim,pelo menos na altura de inverno deve ficar inundada,ou parcialmente,mesmo ficando no topo das rochas.Ontem tivemos de andar correr com as toalhas e as tralhas todas que o mar subiu subitamente muito depressa.

    Obrigada!! ^^

    Já lá passei e vou adicionar,fiquei fã!

    Lol.Não sou muito dada a igrejas,e andei lá à volta mas não entrei.
    Senhor da Pedra,mais abaixo de Gaia. ^^ As fotos do circo da Lu foram feitas lá.


  8. I love that little building in the last photo, is it a chapel or something? So cute!

  9. @Annabel
    Thanks so much! =D

    It's a very small church,you could easily call it a chapel,i guess.^^

  10. Looks so lovely, it doesn't feel like summer one bit here! No beach, no sun, no nothing. Boring! I envy you, lucky girl

  11. Adorei a ultima foto! A candidatura ao ensino superior é sempre uma estopada...

  12. those pics are gorgeus!! lucky you to have the beach near :)

  13. Olha olha se não é a Praia do Sr. da Pedra!!!!!!! Alapei-me nesse mesmo areal 1 semaninha!


  14. adoro encontrar fashion blogs portugueses de moda :) viemos aqui ter atraves do wish wish wish!

    boas férias

    xxx kissmequick

  15. Amazing photos I must say :)
    I enjoyed your blog, congrats for the good work.


  16. oh gosto da saia. e a ultima foto, da praia, está fantástica!

  17. @Renate
    Thanks so much.I would gladly give some of it to all of you who don't have it.I'm more of a Spring and Winter girl,even knowing the beach and the sun feels good in most of the days. =D

    @Ana Gonçalves
    Obrigada!!! Concorri à pública na passada segunda,agora espero por agosto para pagar os malditos 165€ para concorrer à privada.

    Thanks so much! Yes,in that i'm lucky.Always lived near the beach,all my life,i don't know if i would survive without it.

    Não é meu costume ir para lá,mas fui com a minha tia e ela gosta de andar a saltar de praia em praia,por isso.^^

    Oh,eu também e vosso blog é genial e ainda por cima da zona do Porto.Mal entrei fiquei invejosa e a derreter-me sobre as vossas fotos!

    Boas férias!!!

    @Daniela Rodrigues
    Thanks so much!!
    Kisses back!

    Obrigada!!! ^^

    @Evita Nuh
    Thank you very much!

  18. Oscar Wilde ~ I love to read his quotes for photos inspiration

  19. I love Oscar Wilde ever since i read Happy Prince. <3

  20. Love the picture with the oscar wilde book!

  21. Beautiful pictures, wow. Can I come and live with you?! xo


  22. Thanks so much! ^^
    Surely you can,there's always place for one more.

  23. oscar wilde, good choice! great pictures and love the sunglasses :) x


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