Braga & OOTD


Yesterday was the International Youth Day, and to celebrate most museums and various public transports,among others,gave out free travels and visits to people between 13 and 25 years old. In this way, alongside my brother and bff Marco, we headed north to this city called Braga. It's a beautiful place,filled with old style buildings,culture and a very intense heat. We went out in the early morning and came out in the middle of the afternoon,spending one amazing day travelling around town,visting museums and other place like that.

We visited the Cathedral, the Congregados Church,Biscaínhos Palace/Museum,New City Gate,Raio Palace,Santa Barbara Garden,and other ones.

10 was just a small coffee where i got astonished with the outside furniture when i wanted to sit just for the sake of cutenes.

I also had my first official cupcake (besides the ones i did before at home).I bought it over Pingo Doce,it coasted me 75c and it was delicious.Chocolate cake with chocolate and cream top.
Also we found this coffee shop that sells a lot of coffee beverages and others that is so similar to Starbucks and that actually was founded on the city next to the one where i live,which means i can get more beverages like the one we had in Braga and that was a delicous Coffè Frappé.

Now the OOTD. ^^

(click the image to see large size)
Light Pink Summer Dress - Primark
Black Leggings - Primark
Black Shoulder Bag - Primark
Light Pink Jazz Shoes - Primark
Gold and Black Bow Pendant Necklace - Primark
(yes,Primark from head to toe.Excessive,ah?Lol.)

And,well,i could talk a lot more about my great day,but what if you ask about it? I can always answer and we can have a small chit-chat!!!

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  1. tambem aproveitei o dia da juventude, mas fiquei por lisboa a "devorar" exposições umas trás das outras :-P

    ps:loovin' your blog :-)

  2. You look good, nice outfit bb!
    Jesus, I want to go to Primark so badly now haha.

  3. @Mariana
    Eu queria ter ido a Lisboa,se os horário dos Regionais não fossem tão 'loucos'. ^^

    Thank you!!!

    Thank you,sweetie!

  4. posso dizer que me apaixonei pelas fotografias? e depois a edição, está fantástica. e os lugares que visitaste, parecem ser todos tão bonitos. adorei este post :)

  5. @Cat
    Podes dizer,sim senhora,mesmo que aos meus olhos elas estejam grandes bostinhas,com edição feita à pressa quando estava a ter um dia horrível.
    São lindas,é um facto.Agoro volto lá pela certa. =D Mas em tempo mais fresco,porque aquilo é muito quente!


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