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Pink Dress with Ruffles - H&M
Nude Gladiator Sandals - Primark
Pink Sneakers - Primark
Big Silver and Pink Ring - Parfois
Rose,Heart and Bow Hair Pins - Primark
'White' Fragance - Zara


First of all,a huge sorry for the bad quality of the pictures above,specially the dress one.I don't know what is wrong with the light lately,but i don't seem quite skilled to use it correctly for some reason.That and the fact that i have blue curtains now as i had to put the other ones to wash and so on.
So,the dress is from H&M,it coasted 30€ but it was a final sale for 7€.It was perfect from the moment my mother showed it to me,so she bought me this one to use at the wedding we are having next week.It's fresh,proper for the party and included ruffles,pink and an amazing fabric,which i love.
Both sandals and sneakers are from Primark and coasted 1€ each.Seriously,1€! The sandals used to coast 9€,now i got this super deal for 1€.I'm still astonished.
The hair pins are also from Primark,they are so pretty,right???
Ring is from Parfois,it's huge and i love it!
And the fragance called 'White' is from Zara,i love how it smells even if i rarely user perfumes,but liked this one so much that mum got it for me.=)

This is all for today!!!!

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  1. What a wonderful shopping dear! I want to see you wearing everything :D

  2. Zara has this amazing perfume that I don't think it's actually named... all it says it "Bulgarian Rose" and it's the sweetest thing I've ever smelled, I swear.

    And that dress... oh God, I nearly bought it when it first came out! I loved it, but I found it too long for me - yeah, I'm indecent when it comes to dresses and skirts - and it looked terrible on my skin - yellow-ish pale complexion + red hair + light pink DO NOT go well together.

    Anyway... I'm glad it found a home with someone I love! :D


  3. @Lely
    The only thing i wore so far was the right.^^ I'll make sure to picture everything once i wear it,hun!

    I think i saw it,but i'm not one for sweet smells,and i'm one damn picky brat with perfumes!! Lol.

    It would have been fun to have you matching me!!!Lol. It has a proper lenght for the wedding and well,i don't exactly have your legs,so.xD

    AWWWW *hugs*


  4. LOVE the sandals and pretty pleated dress!

    Fab blog, definitely be back :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xxx

  5. The dress is beautfiul! And the shoes really were a great find, I mean 1 euro?!?! Woow.


  6. ahh que grandes compras!! o vestido é lindo, as sandalias também, gosh nem acredito que custaram apenas 1€ !!! que sortuda! quem me dera poder ter acesso a primark :(
    outra coisa, o colar já chegou! muito obrigada é lindo! além disso chegou um dia depois do meu aniversário por isso foi óptimo recebe-lo :)

  7. Olá Joana, espero que não leves a mal o facto de eu estar a perguntar, mas gostava de saber se sempre tencionas fazer o post com os blogues portugueses; adorava conhecer novos bloggers portugueses e acho que tiveste uma óptima ideia e que a iniciativa é fantástica.
    Mais uma vez, espero que não leves a mal eu ter perguntado.


  8. @The Beautiful and Glammed
    Thank you so much!
    Surely going to pass there.^^

    Fico mesmo contente por teres recebido o presentinho,e que tenha chegado logo a seguir ao teu aniversário,espero que tenhas tido um dia espectacular.
    De não tens de que!!! ^^

    Obrigada pelo comentário,e sim foram 1€,até a menina da caixa ficou parva.Lol.

    Sim,tenciono fazer o post,mas esperava que aparececem mais alguma pessoas interessadas em mostrar os seus blogues,por isso tenho demorado mais um bocadinho,mas acho que não vou esperar mais. Não tem mal nenhum perguntares!!! ^^

  9. That dress is so beautiful, I really want one! xoxo

  10. @Stasie
    Thanks so much!!!

    Thank you!!! I was so lucky to find it,last one on the hanger and my size!

  11. That dress is beautiful!

    Love Christian x

  12. I discover you blog and I really like it! I have the same beautiful dress, so amazing!!! Continue to post your outfits, there are so fab!!
    My blog:


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