20 Little Things That I Love


Found this so incredible list on Lely's New Romantic blog and i
just thought i had to do something in the exact same style,because it's just amazing.

-Coffee during cold winter days (and during all year too)
-Feeling ink over my skin,my hands,my arms,even my face as i paint
-Receiving letters and postcards
-An unexpected hug from someone i love
-Breakfast in bed
-Family time together (like lunches and holidays)
-Reading a book i just can't put down
-Being with my best friend
-Playing with my dog
-Sitting down and watching the rain or a pretty storm
-That place up North called 'Estorãos'
-Great food/baking/cooking
-Watching my football team play and win
-Staying warm in bed during rainy days
-Going to a park and sit in the grass barefoot
-Reading comments on my blog
-Listening to music that remind me of sweet memories and moments

What about you? What are the things you love?

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