Elie Saab S/S 2011


Back for a short little post and this one is something new to me and to the blog.
I have seen so many other bloggers posting about runway fashion and i decided to do something on myself and with my favourite dress designer,the amazing and probably very obvious,Elie Saab.

I have been following his work since 2005,amazed since the first photo i saw of his creations,and when my prom came in 2008 i got strongly inspired by his creations,even knowing my actual dress was a hell lot different because of the short time my dressmaker had to do it and the fact that my mother bought the wrong color and so on,still i love his work and i know that one day i'll have to own one of his creations, even if i only get married for the sake of wearing one from his bridal line.

So, Spring/Summer 2011 by Elie Saab,presented at the Runway of Paris Fashion Week,

Most stunning colors,so romantic,pale,and so feminie.The shapes,the way the fabric flows and how everything looks so tremendously elegant,fashionable and ethereal.
Don't you just want to own one or all of the pieces above?
Dresses 5 and 6, in coral and nude, caught my heart and i can't stop staring at those master pieces.

Thank you,Mr.Saab for making every woman,including myself,drool over pieces we don't think we can ever afford,if we have a normal life.

What do you think? Thoughts,critics? Who is your favourite designer?
When it comes to dresses and not only? Share,talk,comment!

3 comentários:

  1. Elie Saab's dress are amazing!
    They're fit for a princess xD

  2. são mesmo vestidos de princesa.
    do mais cute possivel
    adoooro todos <3

  3. @Jojo
    They are incredibly stunning!!
    You're right,and at least one princess already wore them.I need one in my life!

    ^^ Tens toda a razão.


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