2011 Spring/Summer Collections


Well,as a girl that likes to follow up with fashion, as probably most of you, I love to always go looking around for the next season must-haves and collections. What I am about to show may not be news to most of you but still i decided to gather some images of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 collections of two main stores I love:
Primark and H&M
(Blanco is yet to come when I get to find it).

I must say I was in imediate wow in the second i laid eyes on this photos above. For some reason the Autumn/Winter collection of Primark did not do great wonders for me (at least in the only shop I have around), but I am really praying to all saints that I will be available to land a hand i at least some of the items above becaue they are all things i would wear, well expect for the lenght of the last dress and skirt in second image, but I learnt to never say never again when it comes to fashion.
I love how they managed to gather four of my favourite colors and tones: red,blue,white and pink/nude!
I also will need those two hats that show up, they had no boater hats in our store this year and I was incredibly sad for that, for some reason it seems that part of fashion takes one year to arrive in Portugal (like the red berets that I wanted last year and I had to run through all the stores to find one).
Not saying much more, just look at the images, they are pure eye candy and I can't actually wait for Spring to come!

Starting out to say that I believe most stores this year are betting on the earth like tones, H&M being one of them and I don't actually mind it as I am the sort of girl who likes to run through all tones when it comes to clothes and I am pleased with what i see. I love most pieces but i would certainly combine them in different ways as some models look to have a more mature look, not for the tones but the outfits they are using, maybe it would all look very different in a more day-to-day context, but still, I guess I will just wait to see what comes out in the stores, they always have such a huge variety and they have the 'teen' section where you can also find more spicy and colorful pieces.

And this is all for now.
What do you think of the collections, which are the items you want and believe to be indispensable in the upcoming season?

6 comentários:

  1. NO, H&M, NO!
    Gosh I hate earth tones. Can't people see I wanna wear yellow and red and maybe some blue? Suckers.

    BUT. The jackets are fabulicious. Time to start praying for them to come in other colors. :)


  2. Lol. They always have a hell lot more then what they show,surely they will have some yellow for you,hun!!

  3. Joana essa colecção da Zara corresponde ao ano passado SS10. :(

    Ainda não saiu nada correpondente a SS11 infelizmente.

  4. Oh deus,a sério? Maldito google,todas as correspondências que deu era de SS11. Vou já tirar.


  5. woow adoro a colecção da primark!! *_*
    Desculpa a invasão, encontrei o teu blog e vou seguir ;)

    tem um óptimo ano!!

  6. Qual invasão? Adoro invasores como tu!!! =DD Obrigada!!

    Óptimo ano para ti também!!!


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