Important advice!!!

Hello lovelies!
I am about to write a very frustrated entry, but it's entirely my fault and you'll understand why!
Let me just start out with: even if you go to a shop during sales and the line for trying rooms go all way around it and you're not sure about somethig,get yourself in line and try it,don't bring it home because you might have one huge heart break!

So,both of the soooo very gorgeous dresses above are from H&M. The first I have seen it some two months back, actually shown by my mother and I thought to myself that it was what i wanted to wear for New Year's Eve (I have this thing that I love to wear new dresses on this night).
Well, I waited for sales to come, that started out two days ago and this afternoon I got myself down to H&M, and even knowing it was one huge mess I could still find it and it was 20€, some 5€ off.I walked around some half a hour with it in my arm until I saw the second one which was actually 15€, down from 30€, so I grabbed that one instead, in a fairly big size 46 (UK16), that's what I wear in dresses and sometimes even less,and seeing the huge line for trying it I decided to walk and pay for it. All good, until i get home and get myself inside it. Thing is the prettyyyy dress to die for fit in every single chubby part of me, legs, butt, belly, but the one part where I am like bones and skin (ribs area), the dress decided it would not close. You cannot imagine my frustration trying to zip it,squeezing myself, jumping...I am so sad right now and tomorrow morning I am getting up early and going all the way down to downtown H&M to return this cutie and hopefully (I AM PRAYING THAT THEY STILL HAVE IT) get the other one, even if it coasts 5€ more.

Conclusion, I should have gone with my first option and I should have tried it on the store instead of now having to go there twice.
Oh well,I guess I learnt my lesson, so please dear bloggers, do the same, don't fall in this stupid mistake, either the piece will be bigger or smaller in you, you want the right fit!

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  1. Oh how sad, I have this problem ALL the time :c I hope you get the other one!! xx

  2. I even asked for my father to try to zip it,he just said 'don't force or you'll break it,then you'll have thrown 15€ to the garbage'. Thanks!

  3. It happened to me as well, a few times. And honey! you chose the same dress as me for new years eve. XD

  4. I never EVER buy without trying anything on.

    But then again, I'm a methodical shopper. I raid the shops every week or so, take notes of what I like and don't - no, seriously -, try stuff on and remember the sizing.

    So usually when I walk into a store with money to buy what I want, I already know exactly what I'm getting. All I have to do is pick up the right hanger and walk to the register. LOL

    Yup, it's as nerdy as it sounds. ;)

    I hope they still have the right one for you tomorrow morning, doll!



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