It's almost Christmas time!

Hello, lovelies!!!

It's almost Christmas time and also time for me to come with another big apology for the so long absense from the blog and almost the entire blogosphere.
College, as most of you may know, can keep a girl busy and when coming home at the end of a tiring day with still so many works to be done, you can imagine that the one thing that one wants is to rest, just turn off completely and sleep. I am obviously no different from the rest so i have been neglecting my little space around here.
It all comes that in one week from now i will be on the so deserved Christmas vacations, and with still works to do and studies to be done for a History of Art exam on January 7th, i will have plenty more time to do a little more blogging, a few alterations and maybe a couple surprises, after all we are in that magical time of the year

Now let's get to much more interesting things, not many as i do not want to overwhelm you with all the things going on that could actually have some interest.

My Christmas Wishlist, right below. Every year mother asks both me and my brother for a list of things we would like to receive as gifts, so this year i became a little more daring and did something much prettier, with images, prices and places where things can be bought, rather then making a dull long list.

(click the image to see large size)

Very much resonable, right? I kept out all the expensive things i would love to have but i know that i won't be getting, that said i of course mean a new camera, a trip to London (and other places), driver's license, amoung others.

I think this will be it, at least for now.I have a couple more things in mind but i will leave them for other posts, i mean, i don't want to come out with everything in one go and then fall down into the same mistake i have been doing and not post a thing at all. I prefer to have a lot of material and spread it around wisely. You know what i mean?

Now, what are your Christmas wishes? Do you celebrate it? You don't? Tell me all about it, you have no idea up to where my thirst for knowledge can go!!


2 comentários:

  1. I made a HUGE Christmas Wishlist on my blog, makes me feel crazy after seeing yours! I love the bags on your list! They are gorgeous!!

    I do celebrate Christmas, this year is actually the first time I'll be holding a Christmas celebration at my house! My boyfriend and I are having a lunch & have invited our parents! My parents are travelling over from another state!

  2. Natalie I have seen it,and omg i want so many things from it!!! I want a hell lot more then what is here,but i tried to be nice and narrow it down to a few.Thanks.

    That's great!! I still live with my parents but i usually organize everything cause i'm a freak like that.
    Hope you have an amazing Christmas,dear!


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