I would just like to let you all know some little details about the giveaway:
-I have not done it yet as college has been keeping me even more busy then what i expected;
-I am afraid i will have to delay the giveaway for the end of the month as i do have the products but i will only be able to send the gifts by the start of February has a little problem showed up and i had to get myself a new cellphone, which means i spent what i had left for this month (and actually others,but this month i am completely broke).

So,i would like your opinion.Would you like me to still do the giveaway now even knowing i will only be able to send it all in the end of January/start of February,or would your rather wait a little longer?
Some comments on this would be very much appreciated.

Thank you all!

4 comentários:

  1. faz agora e depois envia, esperar pelo presentinho nao custa nada :)

  2. penso que podes fazer já e depois, ou deixas a giveaway aberta durante mais tempo ou mandas quando puderas, ninguem se importa de esperar, afinal é um presente ;)

  3. i'm a new visitor to your darling blog but hey girl, sounds like you are super busy, so not that my opinion means much but take it ease and let it happen when it happens would be my humble 2 cents worth.

    i have to say, your blog design and banner are stellar. i really like it's light simplicity. ♥

  4. Sorry for this so very late reply,dears!

    Acho que é isso.Vejo se hoje ainda dá e está feito.=D

    Boa ideia. ^^ Sim,é um presentes mas infelizmente conheço pessoas bastante 'coisinhas'.

    Thanks so much for following,first of all! And thanks so much for the advice,means a lot to me!

    Awww! Thanks!!


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