3 Things to Share

Hello, lovelies!

So, this will not be a long post even if i have a few things to say, well, only three, but those are a few, right?

First. The giveaway is still open, don't forget that. You have until this upcoming Sunday to enter it and if you haven't noticed the giveaway is open to international readers too, so everyone can enter!

Second thing is: The Paper and Ink reached 100 followers (102 to be more exact). I am so thrilled,you have no single idea. I was smiling like an absolute idiot when i saw that. I never imagined that my little space would ever be watched by so many lovelies. Thank you,thank you,thank you all for making this place the marvellous thing it is, you know that i write here and post because i love but i also do it because you give me the strenght for it and keep commenting and being imensly kind to me!

Now the third. H&M Spring/Summer collection and the pieces i am mostly looking forward to try and almost certainly bring home. I know i won't get them all, some won't look good on me but i know some will be part of my closet in the months to come.
Image pulled together on Polyvore. All items are from the normal sized collection expect for the belt that is from the plus size H&M collection. I only know one store around that has a few items from the plus size, which is nice in some pieces but still i think more stores of the brand should have them, after all they are quite a small section of what H&M has to display and i think that a corner of the store would be not much to ask for when it comes to H&M BIB.

This was all.Now speak your mind, my dears!!!

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    Like, obviously, because how could I ever live up to my rep if I'd let it pass?

    I really like the blush dress to the left of the yellow too, but alas... too long. LOL

    Congrats on 100 followers, love!

  2. I knew that!! I knew it was this one!! There's a blue version too,but i need a touch of yellow in my closet,i'm afraid.Would you kill me? Let's pray that it won't look good on me.xD

    Yeah,it may be a little long,but i still want to try it,it looks so doolish!!!

    Thank you,my dear!!

  3. I make a point of never killing any friends. ;D

    Hmm... I know, you get to wear it on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I get Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, how about it? AND ON WEDNESDAYS WE CAN WEAR PINK!

    Haha, just go for it, doll!

  4. Oh,good..pff,felt like i was watching my life crossing by my side and i was saying byebye to it!

    Sounds fair,but i may wear pink more often then just Wednesdays i am afraid,my dear.


  5. Congrats on reaching 100 followers; you deserve it. I hope to get there one day as well.
    And I love all the pieces you chose; I wish there was an H&M on my area.


  6. @Ana
    Thank you and you're very close to it.I gained 20 followers or more in a matter of like 2 weeks or less, so i am sure you can easily do it,after all you have so much quality on your blog!!
    I am lucky enough to have enough H&M stores around,and one that is so close to my college that i can go there during lunch time easily.I think they are opening the online store soon,or so i heard,let's hope for that.


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