Giveaways in January - What i won!

Hello, lovelies!

Well, one quick post to show off two giveaways i won in this past January.
The first, the really cute hot pink scarf was a giveaway held by the amazing Raquel of Black Sheep.
The second, was the floral Mariana Dress from Dress-a-Day that i won through Carolina's blog Last Minute Dreams.
The scarf arrived a few weeks back (thank you Raquel for being so fast and for the adorable postcard from Coimbra!) and the second arrived this morning and it was my mother getting it for me over my laptop so when i saw a package waiting for me over there i could not help but smile and soon be in love with the pink package that came inside the bigger one and was holding the pretty dress that came with it.

And in this way i decided to make a pretty outfit with polyvore showing you how i play to wear it. I will unfortunately have to wear the dress with jeans as it's more of a tunic on me and falls sort of short, but still i love it, the floral print is so much prettier in real life and i really like it.
I think the scarf will look amazing with it as both have hot pink and they go so well together.
The flats i have like those are actually dark green with the black points and are from H&M, and i obviously don't have the Mulberry but a very similiar version from Blanco, neither i have the Chanel polish but i have various hot pink ones. You know, it's just a general idea on how i will want to wear all of this. Comfortable, simple and with a hint of spring, ready to suck up in the warm sun drinking a coffee with friends.

What do you think?

2 comentários:

  1. Ouou! Mas isso é que foi sorte!! Parabéns!
    E gosto do outfit que criaste com o vestido e o lenço/cachecol. Se tivesse o vestido também teria que usar com leggins ou calças de ganga, portanto, entendo a escolha ;)

  2. @Kat
    Podes acreditar,sorte mesmo,fiquei parva! Obrigada!
    Tem mesmo de ser,fica-me praticamente do tamanho de uma camisola mais comprida.


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