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New day,new post! I came up with this idea while washing my hair yesterday (lol). I remember i did a quick beauty tip about a product i bought a while back but this time i bring a lot more tips that i learnt alone through the years and came to find later that they were used by many other people but still not all knew about them,so every once in a while when i remember some of the things that i do, i will come around and make a post about it.

So, here are some quick beauty tips for you:

♥ When doing your nails allow them to dry for a while and after that place your hands/nails under fresh running water, this will help fix the nailpolish better. Really allow the polish to dry very well first,you don't want have ruined nails after spending long making them,right?

♥ If you have your hair with loads of tangles and can't really brush them off or don't want to spend over an hour doing so (trust me,it happened to many times to be more and it's not for not taking care of my hair) jump into the bath, don't use the shampoo first, use a huge dose of conditioner, the one you usually use after shampoo. Grab a hair comb with large spaced teeth and gently go running it through your hair with the conditioner still on until all tangles are removed, this will spare you a lot of time and pain. After just wash your hair very well to get rid of any left product. I know it's not advised to comb wet hair but this is not something you want to do on a daily basis, only when you need it.

♥ If you want to do some nail art, like french manicure or others but don't have guides for it use some scotch tape or similiar, make sure it doesn't have much glue so it won't rip your base polish off. It's a cheap, easy, fast solution.

♥ Have pale skin and run out of loose/compact powder? Use some talcum powder, don't use too much or you'll look extra pale, unless you want to have this effect.

♥ Also with talcum powder you create amazing lashes with lots of volume and looking like falsies.

And this is about it, at least for now. One i can't remember more tips, second i don't want to run out of them.
What tips do you have? Can you share them with us??? Please??

Now one quick product review and reccomendation!!

As i recently ran out of my favorite waterproof mascara and the one i wanted was sold out and has been sold out for quite a while i decided to pick up some from Essence instead.
You probably already know how much i love this brand, it has so much great things to it and i was not really expecting much from this two products i got, the 100% Splash Proof Ultra-Volume Mascara and Eyeliner Pen, however once i got home and tried them i found myself amazed. I don't have short lashes but they are much thinner then they what where before and this mascara gave me in one single layer a lot of volume and lenght, it's amazing. As for the eyeliner, the pen is amazing, draws great lines and it's has a lottt of pigment. I tried some eyeliner pens before and they were sort of greyish but this one really is black and it goes perfectly. So i give this two products 5/5 stars!!
And the price? 2,99€ for each one of them, making a total of 5,98€ for the two of them. Cheap,right? And awesome!!!

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  1. Boas dicas, são sempre úteis! A máscara não conhecia e realmente o preço é tentador!

  2. Obrigada! =D
    A Essence tem várias máscaras mas como esta è à prova de água e foi a primeira a parar-me nas mãos foi a que trouxe e não estou minimamente arrependida.


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