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Another day,another post. It really seems that when i have free time i just love to come around and post somethings for you all. I'm on carnival vacations, just 2 days plus this past weekend and on Wednesday i will be back at college, working hard and feeling under the stress again, however Spring is just around the corner the days have been looking better and so does the weather so let's hope for some sun filled days where i can sti by the college's lake during lunch break with sunglasses and feel happy.

I bring you a simple OOTD (from yesterday actually). I have been wanting a blazer for a good while but i have yet to find one that fits me decently and that i love, however as i went through my mother's closet the other day i came upon this black velvet tailored blazer i had never seen before, happens to be vintage and it belonged to my grandmother, needless to say that i grabbed it right away and thought to give it a shot and this is what i came up with.

At first i thought i would look sort of weird going out to the streets with a dress that would probably fit better to a party (before seen on the New Year's OOTD) but lately i feel like i want to be daring and use the pieces in my closet that i don't put much out so, i walked out and felt amazing. I think i'll be doing this type of things more often, to be completely honest.

Velvet Blazer - Vintage
Dress - H&M
Tights - Primark
Flats - Blanco

The flats are pratically new,one month or so and wore them like twice before. Mother got them for me thinkin they would go great with my big amount of recently acquired pink toned dresses, the front pompons made of tulle actually go great with the shoulders of the dress i am using, but you can't see that in the photo.

One simple detailed photo. I didn't accessorize as you can see as i pulled this just to try and take my dog to the road for like 10 minutes but ended up using it to pay a quick visit to the mall.

I'm feeling goofy, quite goofy today and tomorrow is carnival day, so here is a silly photo of me to you!

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  1. Thank you!! Means a lot coming from such a fashionista as you!! ^^

  2. olá joana. Antes demais...WOW, estás lindissima. Adoro o vestido, os sapatos...tudo, mas esse batom é fenomenal :)

    Adorei o que fizeste aqui no blog, mais uma vez está perfeitp, parabéns.
    Quanto ao meu tutorial. Muitas pessoas já me perguntaram como por imagens na linkbar. Eu agora ando a aprender criar imagens com link no photoshop, ja vi uns quantos tutoriais mas ainda nao pus em prática. Esta pareceu-me a maneira mais fácil de explicar pois muita gente não tem nem uma noçãozita de como mexer no blogger, e assim é uma boa maneira de aprenderem de uma maneira fácil e que dificilmente esquecerão. Muito obrigada pelo feedback :)

    Espero que estejas bem e que já não estejas doentita. Se ainda estiveres, bem, as melhoras :)


  3. the dress is gorgeous and I love the colour of your lipstick on carnival day

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. LOVE everything about this outfit. The black and white color combination/ the styling/ your blazer. Perfection! xoxo

  5. Olá Joana :)
    Eu adoro a combinação que fizeste do vestido com o blazer...e os teus sapatinhos são adoráveis!!



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