Birthday for Me,Present for You - A Giveaway


This post will be entirely written in English, hope you don't mind but it makes things easier as it may get a little long.

As i said a few days back I am making a giveaway in celebration of my birthday month, April. In this way I thought it was nice to get some presents to you, even if i am the birthday girl, it's always nice to share and make people happy.

So,this is what you can win in this Birthday for Me,Presents for You - A Giveaway.

Swallow Ring from Primark
This ring has to be one of cuttest items of jewellery i have ever purchased and knowing i loved it so much i grabbed two and this one is for you, the luck winner. It's a size Med/Lrg, and if you happen to win this and the ring doesn't fit you, well,you can always re-gift it to a close friend of yours, i am sure they would not mind it!!!

Hello Kitty Lip Gloss in Light Pink from H&M
I am not a big fan of HK,truth be told,but a while back i grabbed a set of 3 lip glosses from H&M and knowing i only wanted the two other colors,i kept this in a safe place with a giveaway in mind. So, there you go, a new item for you make-up bag, give your lips a cute light shimmer with this gloss, i am sure you'll look irresistable!

Chain and Pink Beads Bracelet from Local Store
Details matter and you know that, so this cute little bracelet can make your whole outfit take a twist of gorgeous and sweet. With light pink beads and embelished beds in pastel colors you will surely love to get this item along with your other jewellery!

Double Foundation-Concealer Brush from Primark
The right make-up can ruin or bright up your day but for that you need the right tools and this double brush with soft bristels in this hot pink will look cute in your make-up bag and will also help you when you need the most everyday.I am sure you don't want to miss it.


Now comes the important part that you need to keep in mind...

'How can I win'?
♥ The giveaway is open to all the blog followers (this means you have to be a followes to be eligible for the giveaway) . In this way you get one automatic entry for being a follower, you just need to comment.
♥ Post about the giveaway on either Twitter or Facebook (or both) and get one additional entry (2 entries if you post in both places).
♥ Follow on Bloglovin' and/or our Facebook page and get one additional entry (2 entries if you follow in both places)
♥ If you make a post/mention this giveaway in a blog post you get THREE entries!
♥ Giveaway is open to all readers, worldwide!

Being a follower: 1 entry
Tweet about the giveaway: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook: 1 entry
Follow on Bloglovin': 1 entry
Follow on Facebook: 1 entry
Promote on your blog: 3 entries
(maximum of 8 entries per followers)

Now, you just need to comment with your name and e-mail (this is important!!!).
Link me to your tweet/facebook post/blog post to get the additional entries if you promote.
Mention your follower name on Facebook/Bloglovin' to get the additional entires if you follow.

The Birthday for Me,Present for You - A Giveaway end Friday, May 6th at 5pm GMT.

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  1. Vou sem dúvida participar.
    Nome: Ana

    Publiquei no blog:

    Sigo no bloglovin e no facebook.
    Bloglovin: Playground Love
    Facebook: Ana Catarina Caçoilo

  2. Olá! Gostaria muito de particar.
    Nome: Inês Antunes

    Nome de seguidora: Inês

  3. Quero participaar! ^-^
    Nome: Joana
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  4. Enter me please!!
    Being a follower: fisiwoman
    Tweet about the giveaway:!/Fisigiawa/status/62992652643205120
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    Follow on Facebook: Ana Belén R M

    fisiwoman at hotmail dot com

  5. Acho que este vou passar. Tenho esse anel e o pincel, e estar a concorrer quando já tenho metade do gift não é justo... :p Mas tenho a dizer que esse pincel é muito muito bom! :D *

    Boa sorte a todas! **

  6. Que coisas tão lindas!! :D
    Nome: Rita

    Nome de seguidora no blogger: Rita P.
    Nome de seguidora no Facebook: Ana Rita Patinha


  7. Que coisinhas liiindas!

    Seguidora: Evelyn
    Email: lelymarques arroba

  8. Indeed, happy birthday to you! :)
    I am a GFC follower ;)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  9. Hi, wonderful giveaway!!

    I follow your blog as: Daniela_24
    I follow your facebook page as Daniela Basílio
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  10. lindo!
    participo. :)
    follower: Rita
    divulguei no twitter:!/tearinthepocket/status/63320872924090368
    sigo no facebook (Rita Soares)
    sigo no Bloglovin (chromatic eloquence) *

  11. I am a follower!

    I hopee i win! :)


  12. Oh forgot

    Name: Julnequwa


  13. Name: Ana Rodrigues
    email: :)

    I follow on GFC as Ana Rodrigues
    and I also follow on BlogLovin' and liked on Facebook (as Ana Rodrigues :)

  14. belo Passatempo :)
    Nome: Daniela Rodrigues
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  15. Participo :)


    Divulguei na barra lateral em


  16. Nome: Cátia Barbosa

  17. Como é possível não participar se escolhes estas coisinhas todas adoráveis? Gosto muito do anel, mas esse já o tenho ahah. Portanto, estou d'olho no pincel (ia comprá-lo na minha última ida à Primark, estive com ele na mão e tudo, mas depois deixei-o lá ficar).

    Nome: Cátia (Seguidora: Cat)

    E sou também seguidora via Facebook (Cátia Matos)

    (ufa, está tudo)

  18. quero participar :)
    Nome: Rita Pereira (como seguidora também)

    não queria muito deixar aqui o email :s é mesmo preciso?

  19. Participo, claro!
    Nome: Inês Gonçalves
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  20. Participo :)
    Nome: Maria Sousa
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    Sou seguidora no bloglovin' com Contemporary Lives Here e tenciono logo que puder promover o giveaway no meu blog :)

  21. Nome: Susana I.P.

    Obrigada, adorei o anel.

  22. nome:filipa fontana
    nome de seguidora google: filipamariafontana
    nome facebok: filipa fontana
    link de diculgação no facebook:

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