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Hello, lovelies!!!

First of all thanks to all the sweets who wished me a happy birthday. You all made me so happy yesterday and i really had a fabulous, tiring and long, amazing day!!!
As i said i would have the little afternoon delight after college with some of my loved ones i made plenty of photos that i'm sharing here with you. Of course i'm not showing all, but a good part and the best ones are here.

We went down to La Boulangerie de Paris, i had a little strawberry tart, coffee macaron and cappuccino.

My best friend Marco and the darling Lulu (find her here) with one of the cuttest cameras i have ever seen!

Group photo, my brother missing in this one. Rafa, me,Lulu,Lae and Marco.

Miss cute over the limits Rafaela.

Lulu and her sweet Gertrude Rose.

Coffee macaron! Oh heaven!

Second group photo. This time my brother first, Rafa, Lulu, Marco and Lae.

A man between beautiful woman. He looks adorable and they look..well,lovelie and nutsie.

I think this is one of the sweetest photos i have took in quite a while.

This is a very typical photos every time we have a party.
Para as meninas portuguesas acho que bem lhe podiamos chamar de 'foto da praxe'.

Tulips given by my sweet,sweet grandmother. She knows those are my favorite flowes and ordered them specially for me,as in the past years every time she wants to give me some she never finds them.

Strawberry cake. I spent a whole year saying i had to have one,as last year the order was not right and i got a chocolate cake...i like chocolate you know,but i love strawberries and this cake is one fo my favorites.

I don't even know,this photos is quite weird, but well, let's post it here an try to be so self-conscious.

Planning a little going out on Saturday night, mostly with the same people.Maybe sushi for dinner and then we come over here,my place, for a fun night. Who said that you have to go out and club to have a great time?

Oh and a little surprise for you!!!!!!

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3 comentários:

  1. Such great pics! It's delightful to see pretty stuff and see you having fun!

    I was looking for Ana Rafaella's blog the other day! I remembered liked it but I didn't remember the name of the blog or that she was your friend!

    Your brother is so alike you!

    I had a strawberry cake for my last bday as well. And I know what you mean that a strawberry cake is a strawberry cake hehehe!

    Super beijos!

  2. Super divertidas as fotos! Parabéns <33

  3. Oh happy belated birthday, you lovely lady!!!


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