OOTD - Baby,it's warm outside!

Hello, lovelies!!!

New day, new OOTD. Spring is just so good, the weather is so fabulous, everything is sunny,warm and all the colors around are pretty, everything feeling nice and going around during lunch break with my dear friend Joana (yes,another Joana) to get lunch and snap a few photos feel like something that i should be doing every single day. Well,maybe not every day,but much more often then what i usually do.

How,do you know those amazing fashion bloogers with outfits that always look amazing? You know,pretty dresses, flowly skirts, amazing smiles, great hair and such? Too bad i'm not like that. For college i mostly wear jeans, being an arts student makes us move a lot, have to sometimes sit on the floor and you can imagine how bad it can be to do it with pretty clothes. Plus, i'm always short on time and my hair surely doesn't like to go on with my wishes. Tut tut, miss Jo!

Hat - Blanco
Top - Modalfa
Tunic - H&M
Trench Coat - Primark
Jeans - C&A
Boots - Primark
Bag - Blanco

Joana really knows how to takes some nice photos even if this was her first time picking up a DSLR.Loved them soo much that i knew i had to share.

See? Spring!!!! Doesn't it look beautiful????

Hope you're all having an amazing day!

5 comentários:

  1. adoro a mala :) e sim, o tempo está maravilhoso! só dá vontade de andar na rua!

  2. Olá :D
    Um outfit simples mas bonito..
    Tenho uma mala igual a essa, é linda *_*
    Gostei das tuas primeiras fotos com a camara nova ;)


  3. You look so pretty! I wish I could take my pictures outdoors. Jealous! xoxo


  4. @D
    Thank you so much,dear!! I wish i could take pictures indoors like you.I just have a good friend who doesn't mind to play with me and some nice spots around where i can do it,well,at least when i'm in college.Don't be.^^


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