Out with the old,in with the new.We are in honesty wave!

Hello, lovelies!!!

This is my new face. Hair change, dramatic cut, so much that it will get me a good while to get used to it. Everyone was questioning my idea, even my hairdressed asked me a good amount of tims if i wasn't regretting to cut so much hair, mostly knowing my hair was,surprisingly, in a great condition, no split ends, no nothing.

Let's be honest about this decision. I was dueling about the idea of writting this in Portuguese as i believe i'll start making some posts in Portuguese, but that's a question to still bring in some other day, however decided to do this in English as i believe this may be a problem to affect others then just me.

Ever since i can remember i had thick hair, a lot of hair, so much that when i was quite young my mother cut all of my lovely baby curls because i wouldn't let anyone brush my hair without screaming. I started with a small depression at the age of 14 and the front of my hair started to get sort of weak, but it was only the front and i guess i learnt to deal with it. Lately i have been noticing this thin hair is taking all over my hair (see here), my hair falls far too easily and it's scaring me very much so as i am extremely vain about my hair. I read and talked with a few times with the lovely D from Pearls,Lace and Ruffles. She was recently diagonised with alopecia and she told me that i should myself talk this through with my doctor, have exams made and see if i have the same problem or if it's something else, genetic or not. Truth be told i'm deeply afraid and trying to gather up the balls to mark an appointment. For now i made this super cut in my hair in order to make it stronger or at least see if it develops a little more. My hair grows imensly fast and i'll get back to a bigger lenght by the time of summer but for now i'm like this, a new face, loving it, fresh start sort of and trying to gave this problem a simpler solution, see if it works.

What do you think?

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