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Hello, lovelies!!!

This is a post i have been thinking of doing for a while, this one and a photo edition post that i have ready to put up soon, just need some more writting down, easy stuff for you to understand and then i can post it.

Vou fazer este post inteiramente em inglês, com a excepção desta parte, uma vez que pode-se tornar um bocadinho longo e muito específico quanto a certos termos, espero que percebam, se tiverem dúvidas deixam um comentário ou enviem um e-mai, como acharem melhor.

This five objects are my faithful friends when it comes to do all the thousands of photos i do every single month, either it's OOTDs, my photography projects or just documenting my life.
It's time to do a little review about them.

Pentax Optio M40 - I do believe this camera is no longer available in the market, as i had it for three years or so. It's a 8MP compact camera with one the best qualities i have ever seen. It's perfect for general photos and it makes the most amazing macros. It has a really small body,it fits into a jeans pocket, and it's very much resistant. This camera went to hell and back with me and still works perfectly but for my needs it no longer does the work i want, however i would recomment this in blink of an eye if you ever wanted something simple and easy to bring with you every day without taking much space.

Lumix DMC-F3 - I got this camera for my birthday in April. It's a 12MP compact camera,small body, works with lithium batteries, just like the Pentax, and it has a very good 28mm lens that will let you do good landscape photos. It works well but i have to still learn a lot with it.Best part is the HD movies you can make with it,amazing for a low priced compact camera.

Vivitar VPT-2457 - Got this tripod on the same time my Canon arrived. I wanted one for a while as it makes everything much easier,mostly if you want OOTDs out in the road and don't feel like compromising your cameras' life by making it balance in a narrow space, like i did so many times.
It goes up to 170cm, it's very stable and easy to use and carry around, not heavy at all and it does the function that i got it for. Bought it for 40€,in promotion and i think it was a great deal. You can use it with DSLRs,compacts or video cameras.

Canon EOS 550D - My most dear possession right now, so many years looking after a DSLR and finally have it. I can that if you have the possibility get one, like this, you won't need a better one right away.Yes i would love to have a Canon 5D Mark II, but that is a dream i will leave for later. This is a 18mp divice, Canon calls it the 'baby 7D', it's great, makes photos with an extraordinary quality and although it's not the most affordable thing ever it's worth every cent. You'll see,if you have the chance, that it's very easy to work with it,you can either go to a auto or manual mood and you'll soon be knowingall the setting you need to make great photos. This camera also shoots HD videos and they are so very good, i will do some decent ones myself and then show you.

Canon EFS 18-55mm - This is the lens that came with the camera, most cameras will bring lens withing this range in their packs.It works and does the work, it's simple to go with and when you can't afford another one for a while you'll have to go with this.Not saying it's good but i can't wait to get my hands on a 50mm and another one that goes up to 200,300 or 400mm!!

This is all for now. What do you use? Any advice? I would love to hear.

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  1. When I was thinking of buying a DSLR I was torn between buying Canon EOS550D or Nikon D3100, I ended up buying the later, because it felt more robbust, and because it had a few features I wanted.
    I know the Canon makes some vivid pictures, but Nikon fits my tastes just fine, in a more realistic pallete. I still have lots to learn, and sometimes I wonder of the Canon wouldn't have been a better choice, but I'm happy.

    I have a compact (can't remember the brand) and it makes amazing macro pictures too.

    And yes, the tripod makes some shots that much easier, even though I don't use it half as much as I should. :)

    One of these days I'd like to go with you and the girls on a photographic tour, if it's okay. :D


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