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I told you a while back i would come and talk about my hair and doing so i decided to include the list of the few products i wear so i can talk more clearly about things. You see that i use a handfull of products, but this is my routine at the moment, so i don't use much more to style my hair, like hairspray and styling creams (those only come in hand very rarely) as i am doing my best to take care of my hair with the Vichy treatment and good products to keep it protected.

Eu disse à um temtinho atrás que iria fazer um post sobre o meu cabelo e ao pensar melhor sobre o assunto decidi juntar uma lista dos poucos produtos que uso para assim poder falar melhor sobre este tema. Podem ver que uso muito poucos produtos, mas esta é a minha rotina de momento, não uso demasiadas coisas para estilizar o cabelo, ou seja lacas e mousses (uso coisas do género apenas de vem em quando) porque, como sabem, ando a tratar do meu cabelo o melhor que consigo com o tratamento da Vichy e produtos de qualidade para o manter protegido.

(in English from this point on, as it may get a little long,will add translation if i have more time,soon)

Vichy Dercos Aminexil SP94 Hair Loss Treatment (ampules)
Started this treatment around three weeks ago, after various recommendations, both from online blogs, friends and people that know about the matter. I have known for a good while that Vichy Dercos is one of the best brands in hair care out there, it may be expensive,quite much but at least i know i am using something good. Usually i wash my hair and apply an ampule after i gently dry my hair a little with a towel, 3 times a week. The box i got brings 12 ampules and the price goes between 36€ and 41€, it's a good investment even if i need a second box as normal treatment lasts 2 months. I am now with the idea of doing this 2 times a year, Spring and Autumn when my hair goes worse.

Vichy Dercos Aminexil SP94 Hair Loss Treatment (shampoo)
Got this shampoo one month ago before i started with the ampules. Price goes around 11€ and it's a great complement to the ampules treatment. It's nice and easy to wear, leaves a nice smell and feel to the hair and it's highly recommended to use during the whole treatment. I do believe i will keep buying this one for a while, now in 400ml formate as i found it to coast 16€ instead of the 11€ for the 200ml one.

Syoss Repair Therapy Conditioner (for split ends repair)
Not using it right at the moment as conditoner usually leaves my hair a little more oily and heavy, but i used it for four months and this last time i got my hair cut my hairdressed said i had a perfect hair, in terms of not having a single split hair, which was a common in me. So i am saying that this works and does a great job.Has it comes in a big pack and you don't have to use much each time it lasts for months, so it's worth to buy it and coasts around 7€.

Syoss Heat Protect Styling Spray
I use the blow drier often after washing my hair, and now with the straightning and curling irons i do need something that protects my precious hair from the heat so knowing Syoss is a great brand, for me at least,i decided to grab this one. I spray it over my wet hair after i was and then just blow dry it naturally,or once it's dry and want to style my hair with the iron i just spray it normally and do the work. Used it once only,got it this morning so i can't say much yet about it,but it felt good on my hair and left this really nice smell.

So, those are my products, my friends on health and hair beauty!
What do you use? Any good recommendations?

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