15/365 – The untold stories

15/365 – The untold stories by Joana C.
15/365 – The untold stories, a photo by Joana C. on Flickr.

I have had in mind,for a good while, to do an Alice themed photo. I have done it before, although quite differently, and today while preparing everything for the shoot and actually going on with the first idea I ended up seeing things that maybe did not fit so much into the Alice context, so perhaps this is a crossover between the Wizard of Oz (therefore the red shoes), Alice in Wonderland (thanks to the cards who presented themselves for this works and the tea set), and something else that I am not quite sure of what it can be.

This once again goes over the very girly side of me, the soft and very tender and pink flank of my mind but always with the twist. The photo not being absolutely vertical started as an error and ended up as part of the concept and the idea of falling. The rat, well, the rat was a last minute resource that I knew I had to put in, for some reason. I guess that overall I pretended to represent the point where all of us become adults, when fairytales end, when we fall upon the reality, when we become aware of our fears and we ran and find a safe place, not like children but like grown-ups. In the end we will always remember our childhood, the cuteness, the stories, but we have to grow, one way or the other, even if it’s hard and even if it’s frightening.

Yes,I have a tiny chair, done by my skillful grandfather who worked as a carpenter, and I wanted my play tea sets, the very old ones that my mother never let me use as a child but I cannot find them. Tomorrow I am planning something to show you off my new prop, it was the only things I asked to keep thus the death of my grandfather, back in September. You’ll see what I am talking about…tomorrow!

Hope you like it!

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