16/365 – Temperance of the Soul

Remember that yesterday i talked about a certain chair that i would use today? Well, nothing could be done as my mother moved it to the garage where it’s stored in the middle of what knows where and go haunting for that chair to bring it up for just a couple photos would be like taking a journey to Narnia, even the comparison is not that good.

Anyhow,I made something different. After much thinking I decided it was the day to make another portrait shoot, even if my face is not that pleasing,mostly at the moment that I am sick, but the light was nice, or so I believed and I had a thousand things to do and shooting gave the the perfect excuse to procrastinate on the things I have to do. I am very much in love with the outtake but I will post it separately because in my heart and my head,it deserves a much better place other than the comment section,so hold on for a few hours and then it will come.

Not much to say other then I was having a good time making loads of photos,using my purple comforter over my bunk bed and wearing a very old,very lady like, satin and lace robe that belonged to my mother and she never used, so I took it as mine, no matter what she says.Guess that in those days that I feel sick and ugly I just have to put on something feminine to feel a little bit better.

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