26/365 – Brothers and Sisters

26/365 – Brothers and Sisters by Joana C.

As it started it was not meant to be a diptych, it was not even meant to join the three of us in the same image but it happened like that because it was bigger than me, it called to be done in this way and so I did it and I don’t regret it, not a little bit even if it may be strange to you.

Me, my brother and our dog, who is for us, and this is a mutual feeling, our brother too. We love that dog and I know I talk for both of us, as much as a brother, he is part of the family. I love my dog more than what I love most people I know and I have the best reasons for it. Some of you will understand it, others will not, but for those who do I praise you for coming even close to know how it feels like to bond in this way with an animal. We love him and he loves us, he’s blindly faithful and he loves unconditionally even in the worse times and trust me he was been with us through some very severe times of our lives as a family, times that were not easy and that would make most people leave their animals to someone else,in the side of the road or in a shelter, but he stood and we made sure he stood with us,no matter how hard things were and we never regret that decision. He may be a little pig at times but loves us more than anything. He’s a protector, even if tiny, a friend and he is most of all a member of this family and a brother to me and my brother and nothing else can be said.

About my brother, well, he may as well be one of my best friends even if we fight like the cat and the mouse, like Tom and Jerry, in the end I would burn my hands or give my life for him and I know that he would do the same. You may hurt me but if you touch my little boy, who is not so little anymore and is taller than me even if some four years younger, I will go after you and make your life a living hell, that is a promise.

So, not counting with my parents and grandparents, this is my family, my siblings, those I love and want around me for as long as life allows them to be. Those I will love despite all circumstances, despite of where life leads me or how far apart we are, that’s love and this is family, the family of blood and the family I choose.

The photos themselves are not pretty, not focused, filled with grain, with no decent light but I don’t care anymore, they are up to my standards. I am tired of trying to fill someone else’s shoes, I am doing this for myself. The praise is good and I look forward the day that people will look forward to my work, the day when I will have an explored photo, we all know we want it, but for now I do this because I love it, because it makes me move on each day, because it makes me happy and that is it, for myself, not for others, not through someone else’s perspective through the lens but my own vision.

Love it if you may, hate if you want, it will keep and I will persevere, now and always.

Hope you like it,still!

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  1. Oh adoro. Também tenho um irmão, mais velho, e sem bem o que esse amor é. Não há igual :)


  2. quanto ao teu comentario no meu blog: já escolhi uma t-shirt que tem um corte que serve a diversos tipos de corpo! se quiseres participar avisa :D


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