Friday Phone Photo Dump

Watching Star Wars The Phantom Menace in 3D over the cinema. Will always be my least favorite movie from the entire saga but i love Star Wars!

One of my R2-D2s. Ain't he adorable???

Heart shapped oils from Sephora in a beautiful shade of red.

Keeping myself updated,always!!! Very important if i may tell you!
(and of course,always with my Star Wars Moleskine)

Very tired,somewhat sick,face looking awful thanks to cold and allergies. My oh my,you can say i am under the weather!

I grew up in a family where football is something quite important and ever since i can remember i adore my beloved F.C.Porto with a passion! I am from the north,trully!

Looks big and it was,sort of,but i didn't have it all,however i made myself veryyy happy with all the cabagge mama put in my plate! Yum,veggies!!

The very first ones i had this year.Sweet as honey. My,oh my,i love strawberries,of course,they are my favorite fruit ever!!!

Croissants on the making today...

..and almost baked!!!

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