Holland - Day 0


O posts relacionados com a Holanda serão todos escritos em Inglês porque poderão tornar-se um pouco longos e tive vários pedidos de seguidores e amigos estrangeiros que queriam muito ver este Travel Diary, portanto peço desculpa a quem for incomodado por esta situação.


First day or day zero in Holland, as i like to call it. And yes,i do prefer to call it Holland better then Netherlands as the last terms refers or used to refer to a larger group of countries and not just Holland.

The flight that was supposed to leave at 4.20 got a nearly 3 hours delay so we left Porto at almost 7.30pm which made us arrive in Schipol quite late at night, when we we supposed to be landing at the time that we departed.

It was my first time travelling alone, well, with only my brother, out of the country. My aunt was living in Holland and she waited for us at Schipol, even if we arrived late and even though i made a quick stop at a still open Starbucks (i had to).
We were to be staying at her place and we had to take a train from Amsterdam to Hilversum, a city in the outskirts of Amsterdam, about 30 to 40 minutes away from the known capital. Hilversum is the national center of the media, so a big part of town is about wealthy people, huge tv companies and so much more, but it was so late that we couldn't see much in our train travel.
It was quite late when we arrived at her place but we were welcomed with some amenities, prepared by my beloved aunt and a light dinner, not really the food i was used to but quite good actually and after unpacking most of the stuff and getting used to her amazing house, that i considered to be a perfect doll house, we were on to sleep as our 12 days trip was just beggining!!!

I won't write my travel diary every day, i will let some days between entries, knowing that even though i am back since July 15th i couldn't quite yet process all the images that i have...that are thousands!

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