Friday Phone Photo Dump

A present from my parents from my favorite Portuguese brand | A face that forecasted how my week would turn out to be

Updating on personal matters and the need of warm beverages | The biggest bummer of this week, to mostly everyone i know

A long trip to college but music always helps | A draw class that left me nearly dead

NaOra from Nespresso, too bad i only have one capsule left and that it was a limited edition :( | Healthy and so very tasty lunch,for real,look at all those colors!

Draw work never ends | Actually more work besides college,a lot of it

A day feeling somewhat sick | A present from Ink361 and Blurb

Two new nailpolishes | Cliché's Glamour Hollywood over two coats of Essence's Midnight Rocker

Politics affects us all, so you can hide but you can't run | A concert that i can't wait to see (i have my ticket since April 3rd,bought in,of course)

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