My Favorite Instagramers

Laura from thelauradiaries_ is this sweet little bundle of joy from Brisbrane, Australia. At the age of 20 she is a journalist student, musical actress and a huge inspiration, either when it comes from her extra pink world or from her most stunning weightloss progress! A girl to love and to follow.

Viviana from viviannamakeup is a beauty junky and blogger, according to her, who i fell in love with quite recently. Her instagrams go from beauty products,to fabulous make-ups and up to slumber parties and friends' images, which i think is so real and down to earth. Viviana is a pretty face, with the cutest accent and love for make-up and fashion!

Betty, from leblogdebetty, is probably one of those girls that everyone knows. French, cute, with a wardrobe and beauty that only a blind person would not envy. I think it's easy to know why,but if you don't understand go over her instagram and see what i mean!

Jessica Harlow, from jessicaharlow, is the too well known youtube make-up guru. She is like my number one love when it comes to make-up and youtube,duh!! This girl from New York with the most amazing and bubbly personality is both a cutie-pie and an hell of a tigress!

amygeliebter is the instagram of Amy from Philadelphia. A girl with big blue stunning eyes and this hair that i would die for.I don't know if it was either her cute smile,flawless skin or overall her adorable photos that made me up hooked up on her account,but go there and you will certainly fell the same way i do.

Alix is Alix and we all know her. My favorite blogger,from France,with a life i envy, with a die i would kill someone for,travelling everywhere,and while she does not update her blog at least i go and slowly die every time she posts a new image on her instagram over alixcherry

A list of other amazing people that you totally should follow because the list would become huge if i was to add each and every single Instagram user i truly love

brintonparker | louisepando | laurakphotography | styletraces | ootdmagazine | ch3rrr | bochkarnikova_di | oliviathe | nishediary | catarinasilva | f_l_s_f_a_h | sleepinthegardn | lawney | imaginetherest | hayleylambert | whitagustin | keikolynn | lanadoll | sparklyvodka | melinwonderland | milkteef | luminous_lu

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  1. Don't know who sparklyvodka is, but their username's definitely cracked me up! :))

  2. se tiveres curiosidade segue-me @beatrizsubtil e tenho um blog as well!

    adoro o teu blog! beijinhos


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