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How many of you out there already use glasses? How many of you have wondered how you would look like with a pair? I must say i have been on the bandwagon of people of wear glasses for about four years now, i mean full time, before that i was supposed to use them for studying and reading but i just did not and my vision for worse. Still i believe that if your eyesight is perfect you should make a simple check up every once in a while, maybe once a year? You never know when you will need glasses and the sooner your prevent and stop the problem, the better!

But the real deal is, Firmoo and I have to offer you the chance of...wait for a pair of glasses, totally for free, with or without prescription, and........6 vouchers of 30$ each that 6 lucky winners will win and that can be used in the Firmoo Designer Glasses .
How amazing is this? If you already wear glasses you will be able to get a second pair to keep at hand or just give a twist to your style, if not, you can get a prescription free pair just to try them out and look all stylish, after all glasses are so damn trendy right now!

If you have yet to know Firmoo, and if you haven't yet seen my post with the glasses i got from the brand, than let me give you a brief introduction.

Firmoo is an online Optical Store that operates globally and that aims to  make your vision a whole lot better if you are one of those glasses users (me,me,me!) but also aims to make you look fashionable with the latest and most fashionable trends you can think of. Also they carry a small amount of sunglasses to give your eyes some extra protection during those long sunny days. All in all Firmoo becomes one huge store with the most competitive low prices, because you don't need to pay thousands to get a really great pair of glasses, like you would do in most stores, they are a well known brand bases in the USA and carry on with years of experience as the leading brand for online optical wear.

Personally i was very,very happy with my own glasses, they have this great quality that i was used on having with my designer glasses (that coasted me a small fortune) and best of all was also that they came safely carried inside a hard cage, with a nifty pink cleaning cloth and substitute pieces and tools to fix your glasses in case something goes loose. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Get yourself running for this giveaway!

What you will need to do is quite easy

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-60 competitors : Shipping is payed by the winner
+60 competitors: Firmoo pays the shipping

SO let's get way over 60 competitors, shall we?

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