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Depois de alguns meses, a Catherine, que há uns meses atrás entrou noutro guest post, pediu-me se poderia partilhar mais um artigo seu, e como adoro fotografia decidi que realmente gostaria de trazer o artigo para o blog, portanto aqui estamos!

Espero que gostem. É um artigo curto sobre o que para ela é a fotografia, uma visão bastante bonita num artigo simples (em inglês; farei a tradução assim que possa).

Espero que gostem, e se quiserem entrar num guest post, é só enviarem um email.


Photographs are time machines 

Traveling is the best education you can ever get. Taking photographs while traveling is a must. It seems like traveling is the course you study and photographs are the books you get while studying. There is no way to relive the moment better than looking at the photo, which captured that jiffy. The same goes for your special events in life. You just do not miss the chance to capture every single important thing that happens. Photographs are moments, people, times and simply in one word: life.
From portrayals of natural landscapes like The Everglades, River of Glass, taken by some Miami Photographer, to your daughter’s 2nd birthday pictures, taken by your uncle, everything is life.
Photography makes a trip, a birthday and a new hair cut last forever in an image. It is just that simple, you take the camera, take a picture, print it and there is it. One moment from your life got some solid structure, that is going to last a long time if you will not destroy it, of course.
There are thousands, maybe millions of photographers who are willing to transform any notion of time or space into an image. Because that is what photography does. It is constantly transforming present points into pictures. One photograph is one triumph over the time. Time is cruel and is super fast. The only time machine you get to have is the photograph from the past. It is the only thing that can bring you back in time and make you feel like it was back then when the moment was captured. Photography is some kind of juncture between the present you and the past you. There is no better way to go back and to feel again what you have felt, than looking at your picture and savoring the life it has in it. Every image has life, it lives with us and is constantly waking up memories in our heads.
People are always alive in images. All the trees, birds and stones once portrayed are living forever.
Like it is said in the beginning, you cannot relive a trip, a birthday or anything that comes through your mind right now, without having it photographed. Embrace your thin time machines and value them.
One day you will be old, and only these tiny magic mechanisms will make you travel back in your best years.

by Cath

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