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Your wedding is your story and you decide how to write it

The future bride was born and raised in San Francisco, she searched for a magical location for her wedding in that city. Looking at the Bently reserve wedding photos, she got totally surprised by how that historical building created an awesome atmosphere for the celebration.
All the wedding photographs are magical, but those who are taken in beautiful, historical places are just breathtaking. Choosing such a place for your wedding photo shoot, is always a great decision. You will get the pictures of the young and in love you with the old and majestic walls on your background and this is simply beautiful. Old buildings and strong walls in the wedding photographs show somehow a sense of duration. A marriage should be just like this, durable and powerful.
Your wedding is your story and you decide how to write it. By writing it I mean photographing, because in the pictures you will read and see your love story. Either, you choose a location from your own town, either you go to Vegas or to Barcelona to celebrate it, you are the central thing at your wedding and in your photographs, so make it, how you want it. Be who you want to be and stay strong in front of the camera. You can make a royal Kate and William wedding photo shoot, or you can dress like Beyonce and he could be Jay, so you both could dance and move in front of the camera like you are conquering the world. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of alternatives when it comes to your wedding pictures. You can be whoever you want to be, or you can just be yourself. You need a good photographer, a great location and the right mood, to get the most beautiful pictures of you and your hubby on the wedding day. If you want an old and imposing building, find one; if you want a wedding on the beach, there thousands beaches out there, and if you don’t really care about the venue and the only thing you want is to feel the sacred ceremony in the simplest way, everything could happen.

When you love and you are doing it in the name of love, everything is possible. Create your own wedding, create your magical memories.

by Cath

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