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Depois de Quarta-feira ter sido Dia da Mulher, hoje que é sexta e dia de OOTD aqui pelo blog, trago-vos aquela t-shirt que anda por aí a fazer furor num outfit descontraído para um passeio de fim-de-semana. Claro que eu tinha de a comprar mal a vi, sabia que tinha de ser minha ou ia acabar por fazer um DIY para poder trazer para o meu armário a t-shirt com a mensagem mais fabulosa que podia pedir.

Sei que esta t-shirt é uma óptima jogada por parte das marcas de roupa, não uma preocupação social mas sim um modo de dar aos consumidores aquilo que se vê por aí a preços acessíveis. Apesar de tudo esta t-shirt é tudo de bom para mim, já que me identifico como feminista. Sou o tipo de pessoa que não usa uma peça de roupa se não gostar da mensagem que transmite, mas como esta traduz uma das minhas ideias e uma das partes mais importantes da minha personalidade, claro que eu tinha de a ter.


Gabardina - La Redoute | Jeans - C&A | T-shirt - Stradivarius | Boína - Primark | Mala - Michael Kors

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  1. Linda, maravilhosa, e uma feminista de que me orgulho muito <3


  2. Já disse uma vez e volto a dizer: essa t-shirt é um máximo!

  3. What a load of crap! Feminism was originally about equality, today's moronic fake feminists aka marxist sheeple, demand the oppression and marginalization of western men and boys, and serve misogynistic islamists who actually oppress and marginalization. If you are only about labels you are part of the problem.

    1. You're very much entitled to your opinion it just seems utterly coward to hide behind an Anonymous status as you're doing.

      Anyway, I don't agree and Feminism is still about equality, do not confuse it with the FemiNazis and the "Feminist" Radicals.
      Let me enlighten you about something: any movement, religious, belief or other will always be tainted by radicals that denigrate the origin and the actual groundwork behind the belief, in this case feminism.

      I don't, and no other true feminist demand the oppression of men, boys, western or oriental or alien! We believe we are entitled to the same rights as they are, and so are they, they should have the same benefits we do in certain areas, I am talking about parent leaves to take care of new-borns, sick children and more. We, feminists believe that no man should be put to shame because he is emotional. We also believe that men should have a safe place when it comes to abuse, domestic violence and more.

      Please revise your words, your ideas and talk with an actual feminist. And how does feminism serves misogynistic islamists? You must mean radical islamics.

      I am not about levels, I am about equal opportunities to both men and women, in the world place, the household, the needs and wants of both.

      If you do not know what actual feminism stands for please educate yourself, it's not that hard and you have the most precious tool at your service: the internet!

  4. tao gira! grrl power ;)

  5. Try doing something more taxing on the brain than talking about a Tshirt, read what the koran teaches, thousands of verses, cover to cover calling for rape, murder, enslaving nonbelievers, the oppression of women. They mutilate women, they kill women and girls merely for smiling at a boy, they kill girls and women who are the victims of rape. It's not a radical interpretation, it's the basis of a death cult formed by a bandit, who also demands death for all those who leave islam. If you want to be treated equally, start acting like an adult, which requires you to be accountable for your words and actions. Go educate yourself before spewing nonsense. Your blog affords the option for anonymous commenting, which I selected because I don't have any of the other accounts as an option. What's the matter, upset because I do t reveal an email address you can troll? I'm a woman, I grew up believing in feminism and don't appreciate the idiocy I see being espoused by morons who don't know what the hell they are talking about.

    1. I really didn't talk much about a shirt if you could not decently translate my post, i talked about how brands are picking up on something that is a social cause and making a profit out of it. I bought the shirt because i like it, but I could just as easily get a t-shirt with a band i like, a vintage movie poster i appreciate and so on.

      Also, i will spew all the nonsense i like, as for a matter of fact this blog is mine.

      I really can't conext your mental dots between the Koran and my choice of being a feminist. I could also pick up dreadful passages from the Bible. One is accountable for their religious choices and the fact that they read literally or not into the contents of a freaking book. The Koran is in fact a book, not a how-to guide to a religion, same for every other religious book under the sun, so if you have problems with Islam that is not you but is unfortunate that you so dangerously connect it with feminism.

      Also i face my words and actions as an adult, otherwise i would have easily deleted your comment or i would not have answered it at all, so pick your battles wisely because even though i like to keep a open mind about criticism, this is my blog and i will do what i like to do.

      I wouldn't troll, i don't know with whom you surround yourself with but i am not 16 and i am not, neither have i ever been, into the acting of trolling people for their opinions as offensive as they might be. Also i don't quite believe your story as blogger affords a big list of options, but that is up to your conscious and not mine.

      See? Right there in a matter of words you have managed to lose all my respect by insulting me. As you believe in your ideas and twisted utopias so do I, and I do have the right to speak as i may freely as i want to and there's nothing you can do because i kept this in a respectful tone while you on the other hand need to actually do as you say and grow up. You can believe what you want and still respect others but perhaps that's asking too much from you. Who knows? I don't know therefore i do not know if you're mentally challenged or just decided to pick a fight over a tshirt.

      Get a life. There are many wonderful things out there that don't require your hate speech against convictions and people.

      Have a nice day!


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